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Personal Blender - by Tribest (Multiple Packages Available!)

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Personal Blender - by Tribest (Multiple Packages Available!)

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Product Review (submitted on December 4, 2011):
I bought this blender after having burned out the clutch on my KitchenAid from daily use (for about a year). Now that I've used this for a while, I don't think I'll ever go back to large blenders again.

The blend quality in this machine is amazing. I've used it to make frozen drinks, smoothies, and to blend my eggs to make scrambled eggs. This blender does not leave any left over hunks of ice or fruit to clog your straw up. Ice is blended to a fine consistency. Much finer than I was used to with my old blender.

Powders and oils are not a problem. If you have some powder that seems to have clumped into a corner while you were putting the ingredients in, just shake it up a bit like a carton of milk before you blend it. Flaxseed oil even gets completely mixed up in the mixture during blending.

I had bought the 24oz container since my smoothies always seemed to fill up that much space after blending. It turns out that most of that volume was air. All of my ingredients fit inside the 16oz container, and since the container is closed airtight while it is blending, it prevents the mixture from pulling in excess air. Now I don't have issues with smoothie burps :)

The 8oz containers are perfect for blending eggs. You can blend everything with the eggs, and it comes out looking like the pre-blended varieties you can buy in cartons at the store. The eggs cook nice and fluffy just like I bought them at a restaurant.

I highly recommend this blender.
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