Omega 4000 Juicer - Vegetable and Citrus Juicer w/ Pulp Ejection

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The Omega 4000 Juicer provides non-stop juicing with a pulp ejector that will separate pulp while juicing. This no pulp juicer comes with all stainless steel accessories and is a great looking juicer for any modern kitchen. >>Read Full Description
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Omega 4000 Juicer - Vegetable and Citrus Juicer w/ Pulp EjectionOmega 4000 Juicer - Vegetable and Citrus Juicer w/ Pulp Ejection
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  • Omega 4000 Pulp Ejection Juicer
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Make Delicious Juices Quickly and Easily at Home with the Omega 4000 No Pulp Juicer

Do you have fussy kids who absolutely refuse to eat their vegetables, no matter how you prepare them? We all need vegetables in our diets, because of the vitamins and nutrients they provide, but a lot of them don’t always appeal to kids. What is the best way to overcome this problem? Make juice for them that is a combination of fruits and vegetables. Believe it or not, the fruits will overpower the taste of the vegetables, so your kids will never know that you are feeding them vegetables. You can make these juices quickly and easily when you use the Omega 4000 Juicer – Vegetable and Citrus Juicer with Pulp Ejection.

Enjoy Continuous Juicing with the Omega 4000 Juicer

Many juicers work slowly, and often must “take breaks” throughout the juicing process. Because the Omega 4000 Juicer is a pulp ejection juicer, you can enjoy continuous juicing without having to stop and clean the machine, and there is no buildup of pulp inside the juicer. This is really great if you need to make a lot of juice, such as enough for your entire family to have at breakfast.

A No Pulp Juicer Made with Only Quality Parts

The Omega 4000 Juicer body is made from durable, non-toxic polycarbonate plastic, and the basket, strainer and bowl are made from durable stainless steel. The blade is also made from stainless steel, and all of the parts are of the highest quality. The 1/3 horsepower motor is powerful, but because the basket is balanced, you will not have the problem of this juicer “walking” across your counter top, and the rubber feet help to really keep it in place. The large feed chute is great for larger fruits and vegetables, eliminating the need to chop them up before juicing.

The next time your kids won’t eat their vegetables, make them a delicious glass of no pulp juice with your Omega 4000 Juicer. Only you will know that they are eating healthy.

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Product Features

  • Make pulp-free juices
  • Juice fruits and vegetables
  • Continuous juicing
  • Rubber feet for additional stability
  • 1/3 horsepower motor
  • No pulp buildup inside juicer
  • Balanced so it will not “walk”
  • Large feed chute
  • Made with high quality parts
  • Stainless steel basket, strainer and bowl

Omega 4000 Juicer - Vegetable and Citrus Juicer w/ Pulp Ejection Reviews

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American made Review by Lance
The chute for throwing in the fruits/veggies is a little small. If you think about throwing in a whole apple, forget about it. It has to be split at least in 4 to get in.

I found that the juicer's ejection tunnel gets clogged up with pulp fairly easily, so you often have to stop and clean it in up in order to continue to juice efficiently.

Important note about 15-year warranty. It's only for motor. All other parts carry 1-year warranty.

The machine is fairly loud, but that's what you expect of most juice extractors.

Cleaning is easy except for the strainer. It takes a bit more work and it is recommended to leave it for a while in soapy water before cleaning.

I like the fact that it's made in U.S.A., in fact it is "Made in U.S.A with pride". :)
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Beware ... Review by Heidi A.
If you leave the spout open out the top, there will be great amounts of splattering. You could call it artistic, if you're in a good mood.
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Superior Review by Jairus

Outstanding, Superior to Jack LaLanne
bynjgreen Sep 26, 2007 8 Helpfuls 2 Comments Share
Pros Excellent design, fine materials that should endure long service, easy clean-up, delicious output,
Cons None
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line: This is an outstanding American made product that does what it is designed for, with perfection.
We just received our Omega 4000 Juicer. It's built with superior materials (stainless steel, solidly built screen, and non-brittle plastic; the spindle in our Jack LaLanne began crumbling several months ago and gradually disintegrated leaving no thread to hold the grater in place.) I think the difference in surface tension on these materials explains the much lower tendency to adhesion by fruit residue to cling to the interior parts. Cleanup and washing is so much easier and faster.

I'm also convinced it actually yields more juice. That's difficult to quantify because every piece of fruit has different dimensions and weight (I didn't weigh them). But using my standard 3 oranges per serving, I know after several days usage that I'm getting more juice! I think I found the reason: the pulp produced is much dryer! The Jack LaLanne was probably leaving more juice in the pulp that it ejects.

Juice quality is the same - absolutely delicious. If you've never had orange juice from a juice extractor, I recommend it, though it is more work. It's more work because it's necessary to remove the cortex, which eliminates acidity. But the other difference is probably the result of super-aeration by the centrifugal action. A great beginning for any day.
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It runs in the family, apparently Review by Shari
My dad got us into juicing with his carrot/apple juice that he made. After a lot of reading, I settled on an Omega 4000 and it was worth every penny. I absolutely love it. It yields a thin juice that is not filled with pulp like the cheaper juicers. If you really want a juicer, it's a waste of money to purchase a cheap juicer, because you'll make it up in produce costs. With a better juicer, you get more juice for your money. With my cheap old Hamilton Beach one, I'd have to try to put the pulp back through the juicer because so much juice was wasted.

I drank beet, carrot and spinach juice combined with fruits all during the third trimester of my last pregnancy. As a result, my daughter refused cereals as a first food and settled on green vegetables instead. She is now 19 months old and eats salads and most especially carrots, which are her favorite snack and dinner food.

My only complaint is that I wish the insertion tube was wider. You have to really cut your carrots and apples, etc., small to fit down there.
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Easy to use -- love it Review by Emy
You've never tasted real juice until you've juiced fresh fruits and vegetables. The Omega 4000 makes delicious juice: rich taste, no pulp. Cleanup is easy. Buy an ear-protector headset and you will have a pleasant experience. I considered buying a masticating or auger juicer because of low RPMs but chose this centrifugal juicer because it's good at juicing both fruits and vegetables, even leafy greens (alternated with other produce.) It gets all the juice out of the pulp. No need to re-juice pulp to reduce waste. It leaves no pulp in the juice. No chunky texture or straining. It's fast, ejects pulp, and does continuous juicing. I drink the juice right away so any oxidation is not an issue for me.
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Works well Review by Hanna
The Omega 4000 is made in the USA, is very well built and has a 10 year warranty. The motor is strong and does not slow down much under load. All metal washable parts are made of non-corrosive steel. The main juice container is chrome plated and it is easy to wipe clean. All plastic parts are thick and rigid. Rrubber feet that keep the unit steady and prevent vibration from transferring to the counter top.

The juice produce by this juicer is mostly clear without much foam. Juicing efficiently is fairly good. The ejected pulp is a little wet and I find that I can get, at most, about another 5% extra juice by re-feeding the pulp.

Cleaning is relatively easy. Parts disassemble quickly and easily. The griding wheel is separated from the ejector basket. The main area to clean is the basket and an old toothbrush works best.

This juicer spins up smoothly with some vibration. The noise is moderate and it is quieter than other juicers that I've used.

One improvement that this juicer really needs is a safety interlock switch. Most juicers in the market today have one.
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The whole family uses this! Review by Gayle Thompson
We started juicing in my family because I was having a jaw problem that made it difficult to eat hard fruits and vegetables. Now we make juice on almost a daily basis, for 2-4 people. So durability, ease of use and ease of cleaning are very important. We also appreciate a juice with as little pulp as possible.

The Omega 4000 is our third juicer and after about a month's use, it is proving itself to be the best. It ejects pulp very efficiently into a large container so we can complete an entire juicing session without having to pause to unclog or empty anything. The juice itself is very good quality, the yield is high and the pulp content is low. A nice bonus is that it runs quite quietly (for a juicer).

It assembles and disassembles for cleaning reasonably easily, and it comes clean quite well if you just throw all the pieces in the dishwasher. (In my opinion, any daily use kitchen item that can't be cleaned in a dishwasher doesn't deserve to live.)

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Fantastic warranty Review by Paula
It's not cheap. But if you are going to do the juice thing as I have decided to do, then definitely go with the Omega.
It gives lots of juice, cleans up within 45 seconds (really) and is reasonably quiet during operation. And It's guaranteed for 15 years!
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Pricey but solid juicer. Review by Mai
When I first considered buying a juicer I researched many different types and brands before I settled on the Omega 4000. My household now juices every day, sometimes more than once a day. We have juiced a wide variety of things with it including: carrots, apples, pineapples, oranges, strawberries, cabbage, tomatoes, parsley, grapes, lemons, grapefruits, peaches, mangoes, papayas, celery, kale, etc. The Omega 4000 is very efficient at juicing carrots and is less efficient at juicing the pulpier fruits and vegetables.

My only complaint with Omega 4000 is that it does not always eject pulp very well. Sometimes in the midst of juicing I can hear the clumps of pulp shifting around in the top machine and have to stop it and push it out myself. This is not a real big deal though. The Omega 4000 is very easy to disassemble and reassemble. One other benefit of this juicer is that the opening to push fruits and vegetables is large enough that it cuts down on the time spent cutting up fruits and veggies a bit. One tip for getting more juice out of the produce using the Omega 4000 is to push the produce through very slowly.
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Excellent juicer! Review by Charlie Tuduri
Better than a juiceman in every category except price. For people who value quality over price, this is your best choice.
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