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Twin Gear Juicers / Dual Gear Juicers

Twin 'Dual' Gear Juicers - featuring the Green Star Juicer How does a twin gear juicer work?  Green Star Juicers are the best!
Twin-Gear or 'Dual Gear' (also known as Triturating) juicers provide extra options such as reduced oxidation and magnetic technology to keep juice longer. The price tags are much higher but these will produce a slightly higher yield of juice. The are able to juice wheatgrass very well.

Twin gear juicers sometimes get lumped in the 'masticating' juicer section which they shouldn't. Twin gear juicers are completely differently than a masticating juicer and offer other technological advantages. In a twin gear (or widely known as a dual gear) there are two stainless steel gears (pictures above left) which are either touching or extremely close to each other. Ingredients are brought into the middle and produce is crushed and pressed between these two gears.

Twin gears
, like masticating, operate at a very low RPM speed preserving nutrients along the way.