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Grow Spot Indoor LED Growing Lights - GrowSpot

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Product Review (submitted on December 18, 2011):
I live in an apartment that's shaded all day long by large trees and nearby buildings. While the trees are great for my utility bills, it's not so great for my garden. I love fresh vegetables. Because I'm an apartment dweller, I grow potted bush tomatoes, peppers, alpine strawberries, and herbs indoors.

Before I bought these light bulbs, I was using incandescent plant lights, but I wasn't satisfied with the light output (my tomatoes were leaning more towards yellow). I was also having trouble with scorching on the leaves, and replacement light bulbs cost too much. I did some research and saw that LED lights were all the rage, and the GrowSpot seemed to be the best recommended. The price put me off, but once I did the math (I would recoup my costs in less than a year just subtracting light bulb replacement, and the GrowSpot has a five year warranty). I decided to spring for it.

Now that my plants have been under the lights for a couple of weeks, I can say that the light is much better than the incandescents. My tomatoes are recovering, and my miniature peppers are taking off. Most telling, the pepper that is closest to the light is at least an inch taller than the others.

I knocked off a star from these lights for two reasons. The first is that the lights come equipped with their own miniature fans, which is why they stay cool. The fans aren't loud -- they're quieter than a computer fan -- but if you mind the white noise, they might not be for you. Also, the plants simply don't look as pretty under red and blue lights; their green leaves show up as almost black. In terms of the light, this is a good thing, because it shows that the leaves really are absorbing all of the light pointed at them, but I do miss looking at my pretty green plants.

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. I'm sorry that I didn't go for the GrowSpot sooner.
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