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Green-Star Juicer - Twin Gear MultiPurpose (Models GS1000, GS2000 and GS3000)

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Green-Star Juicer - Twin Gear MultiPurpose (Models GS1000, GS2000 and GS3000)

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Product Review (submitted on November 11, 2011):
This is my first juicer, so I have no other brand or model to compare it to. The manufacturer claims that you can juice wheatgrass with this–that is absolutely not true. Actually, what you will get is a lot of foam. For the work, not getting any juice out of your wheatgrass and then cleaning this juicer, it would be easier just to drive to a juice bar.

This juicer does juice things like carrots, greens, and celery. It seems the tougher the vegetable, the better it performs. With cucumbers it does just okay. You may need a carrot to help you with getting those cucumbers through.

I attempted to make almond butter with this, and the result looked like breadcrumbs no matter how many times I ran it through the machine.

Cleaning is a pain because certain parts are easy–clean with just a rinse, but others require a thorough scrubbing. The juicer does include a brush, but that is expensive if you need to replace it. By the way, the machine is heavy–it weighs about 30 pounds. Be aware.

I don't mean to be completely negative, but this is my first experience with a juicer.
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