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Green-Star Juicer - Twin Gear MultiPurpose (Models GS1000, GS2000 and GS3000)

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Green-Star Juicer - Twin Gear MultiPurpose (Models GS1000, GS2000 and GS3000)

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Product Review (submitted on November 11, 2011):
I bought this machine as an upgrade to my champion juicer that finally gave out. Or at least I thought it was an upgrade. The design of this juicer is terrible. It takes 3 times longer than the Champion to clean. The Green Star has a screen with 16 corners, which is the crux of how annoying it is to clean. So unfortunately, I barely use this.

I use my juicer about every 3 days, to keep me supplied with fresh juice. The Green Star runs quietly and it isn't that difficult to clean. I keep it by my sink the filter does need a good scrubbing with a brush. If you tilt it forward just a little, he can take care of a good portion of the cleaning process with a gentle spray. I use this machine primarily for carrots, celery, Swiss chard, kale, and a few apples.

This juicer is very efficient. I do occasionally have to clean the juicer out in mid-process, but it is fairly easy to clean.

A lot of reviewers complain that this machine is difficult to clean, but I've owned several juicers over the years, and this one is no more difficult than any of the others, and this one is actually a better quality juicer than any of the others I've owned. A healthy lifestyle takes effort.

Note: softer produce is easier to juice if you use the software to use attachment.
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