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EasyGreen Sprouter - The Easy Seed Sprouter!

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EasyGreen Sprouter - The Easy Seed Sprouter!

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Product Review (submitted on December 20, 2011):
I know sprouts are really healthy and I always liked them. I got wary after all the bad press about the e coli and and mold. So when I saw this product I figured it was a good solution. The unit is pretty big. You can put several on top of each other for growing sprouts or wheatgrass. You need an outlet nearby to accommodate the timer. You can hook it up to your sink to take advantage of the automatic water feed from your faucet. There is also a plastic tube for the discharge water that would go into your sink. However, I didn't want this big plastic thing on my kitchen counter so I have it in the corner of the living room where we rarely are. Daily, I fill the container compartment with water and empty a gallon jar that holds the discharge hose. The unit itself runs on 7 timed intervals during the day for about 15 minutes each cycle. Initially, it mists the sprout seeds and eventually the mature sprouts. The trays have to be rotated daily, not a big deal. In about 5 days you have edible sprouts. Each week you have to disinfect the machine. You need to clean the compartment where the seeds are and then fill the water compartment with 4 TBSP of bleach (or food grade peroxide)and let the mister run for 2-3 hours. Then they ask you to add an additional 2 liters of water and let it run until the compartment is empty. This minimizes the risk of contamination. The air filter needs to be changed every 2-3 months depending on dust. Then 3 times a year a periodic cleaning is required. You unscrew the mist generator and clean the impeller shaft holes. They recommend scrubbing the machine inside and out. If you intend to stop using the machine for 2 days or more, the water vapor accumulated in the mist generator area may lead to rust and malfunctioning. You need to empty the water from the tank, remove the air filter and using an air dryer, blow hot air thru the air intake area for about 3 minutes. Make sure the water compartment is dry.

Sprouting the seeds is the easy part but there is maintenance involved on the machine. You are not going to plug it in and forget about it forever. It takes a little time each day, almost no time if you hook it up to your sink. I would say it is worth it for fresh sprouts.
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