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Food dehydrators 

Food dehydrators remove moisture from food using a heat source and air flow to concentrate flavor and preserve food for later use.  Dried food also takes up less space and can be stored until needed for recipes or for snacks. 

Removing moisture from food prevents bacteria from growing and spoiling food. It saves money and reduces waste by extending the shelf life of fresh foods. 

Most foods are dehydrated at temperatures of 130°F, or 54°C, although meats being made into jerky should be dehydrated at a higher temperature of 155°F, or 68°C. Current dehydrators offer a variety of temperature settings best suited for the food you want to dry. 

The key to successful food dehydration — and tasty results — is the application of a constant temperature and adequate air flow. Several brands of food dehydrators offer high quality that guarantees even drying and fresh flavor.