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Champion Commercial Juicer - Multiple Colors!

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Champion Commercial Juicer - Multiple Colors!

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Product Review (submitted on September 20, 2011):
After much research on the best juicer for my purposes, I bought this item in order to juice a combination of leafy greens and vegetables. The toughest item I juiced was carrots and I ground them in a food processor prior to juicing.
Initially it seemed to work fine but the blades dulled incredibly quickly and the pulp clogged in the screen and chute and would not exit.
I called the manufacturer and inquired if this was normal and they said that it was not and that perhaps I should "push down on the chute". Push down on the chute? I was incredulous, shouldn't it work without my intervention? Well in any case, that didn't work either.

I began processing all the food prior to juicing and went through a lot of replacement blades over time (at $30.00 each plus shipping) because the manufacturer wouldn't further address the issue and the juicer was not cheap. I wanted at least some return on investment. The process takes much longer than it should because I've got to constantly stop (every 3-4 times I fill the in feed chute) and clean the screen and chute or it won't work.

Bottom line, it's a bulky, messy, expensive & poorly designed. It has not been a pleasant experience.
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