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Champion Commercial Juicer - Multiple Colors!

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Champion Commercial Juicer - Multiple Colors!

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Product Review (submitted on September 20, 2011):
People who give this juicer negative reviews are new to juicing and are doing something wrong. I have owned a Champion juicer for about 20 years. I've juiced everything for myself, my children, and husband and never had a problem.

Feeding vegetables or fruits into the juicer should be done at an even speed, not too fast and not too slow. And trying to juice only greens with nothing else to help them through will not work well, nor should anyone expect it to (and that goes for any juicer). A little common sense makes for a good juicing experience.

It is not messy, as someone has said. I use a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup under the juice spout and a small bowl at the end for the pulp. Nothing spills out and you can tell at a glance how much juice you have. If pulp is still very wet, feed it back into the spout and you get more juice and dryer pulp.

Cleanup is a breeze. When I juice for myself I drink the juice while I clean the parts. Cool water and a bottle brush is all you need. It takes about 2 minutes. Put a little olive oil on the metal spindle for ease of assembly and that is it.
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