Annnnd the Healthy Juicer Winner Is……..

Well my JuicyFriends – we have a winner!  My moderator/mediator/drawing companion, Jason (our Juicy marketing guy) was there to witness the drawing and help mix up the INCREDIBLE entries that were posted for the Lexen Christmas Giveaway!

I have to take a moment to express my gratitude for your entries.  I was honestly expecting the general “yo, enter me!”.  Instead, I got some incredible insight into your lives and why you live the lifestyle you do – or why you want to get into the lifestyle.  I was also impressed with some of the incredible stories and the fact that others wished to donate the juicer onto someone in even more need..and even others who offered to donate to the person who would donate (cool Devon and Jason)!  I am pretty sure we will be doing other giveaways throughout the coming months on other products we carry, so check back often or subscribe to our feed.

So I wish I had 51 juicers to giveaway (the number of entries)…unfortunately I only have one…

SO!  Here was the drawing process (we took photos for proof…and because it was fun):

1)  Showing off the printed off entries

2)  Me, doin’ tha mix (I was jamming to some Christmas music on Pandora..)

3)  Jason doin’ tha mix!

3)  Aint that a purdy BlendTec?

4)  Ah-Ha!  The lucky winner

5) Congrats Ellen Linnenburger! Looks like I can recommend the recipe for the flutters now ;-)

Here was Ellens Winning Entry! CONGRAAATS!!!!!

Ellen Linnenburger said…

My stomach is all a-flutter at the thought of winning this juicer for my family! I’m a novice “raw-foodie”, in the process of completely re-vamping our dietary lifestyle. I really look forward to juicing fruits and veggies daily(not currently owning a juicer). Keep up the great newsletter and…. by the way, can you recommend a good juice for these flutters?! Oy…boy!

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  • sjcdal

    See….Just like I said in my original post. Perfect Record..I NEVER win!
    But thanks for hosting this contest. I will subscibe, and have always enjoyed the Juicy Josh newsletters, so maybe I am a winner after-all? Yeah..ain’t that sweet.

  • Ellen Linnenburger

    Can’t hardly believe I won!!! I wish there were 50 more juicers for the other entrants… I was impressed by many of the postings I read. My deep gratitude to all the team that contribute to the Juicy Josh newsletter. Thanks again for this stroke of holiday luck. My flutters are now manic paced, verging on cardiac arrest… what serendipity. Merci!!!!!!!!!