Win a Lexen Electric Healthy Juicer – Round 2…..

A big Howdy from me…and my partners in crime here at

We had so much fun giving away a FREE Lexen Healthy Juicer that we decided we had to keep the fun up by doing another contest this week.  Yup – here we go again. Same rules apply as last time, but we added an extra twist so you can earn extra entries (read below).

Rule 1: All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog posting about what you would do with the juice if you won!

Rule 2: There is no rule 2.

Here are the other ways to gain an extra!

  • Sign up for our Newletter (worth 1 extra entry…tell us you did in your comment so we can verify)
  • Tweet this giveaway on your Twitter account (worth 1 extra entry…leave me the link where you did so and we can add your extra entry)
  • Share this on Facebook (worth 2 extra entries!  Let us know you did!)

Want to know more about this awesome juicer? Here ya go:’

Can’t wait to see if you won?  Enter the contest – if you win we will REFUND you the full price PLUS an extra $20 just for going the distance.. :-)

Good luck everyone!

Yours very Juicely,

Juicy Josh

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  • Candice Lee

    Ummm…I would drink it everyday and stop paying a fortune at Jamba Juice. It costs me 20 dollars a week to get it there. It’s better than being sick, but I’d rather not pay it if I didn’t have to. I’m addicted to the green elixir; I feel so much better when I drink it, I can hardly function without it.

  • Lilac

    I would use it to make smoothies, soups and dips for my family

  • Lilac

    Signed up to receive Newsletters

  • Lilac

    #1 Shared this giveaway on Facebook

  • Lilac

    #2 Shared this giveaway on Facebook

  • thomas fuhs

    I have a bumper crop of shiso in my garden this year. I have a g
    fruit juicer but would love to have a juicer for greens. I have read you can also make peanut butter. what a great machine

  • Mary Anne DeZur

    When I win the Lexen Electric Healthy Juicer, I will juice for my nephew who is right this minute fighting for his life at the Mayo Clinic in MN. He has Stage 4 cancer, which can be put into remission by eating and drinking a no-cancer diet that I can prepare for him using my new Lexen juicer. Also, my 19-yr. old son is a Type 1 diabetic. He has to wear his insulin pump until the cure for this disease is found. In the meantime, he manages his diabetes with his insulin and by eating a VERY low carbohydrate diet. Winning the Lexen Juicer will be such a help for this young kid to eat and drink even healthier.

    My sister has been a wheatgrass juicer for years (I bought her first juicer from you guys for her birthday one year!). She’s always lecturing us on the benefits. Once I win this beautiful Lexen Juicer, I can put her mind at ease, because we will all be on the wheatgrass juice full-time.

    Thank you soooooooo much for picking my name out of your juice jar this time around!!!

    Best to you and your families,
    Mary Anne DeZur

  • Kaylee

    I would love to have a steady supply of healthy juices – I feel really healthy when I get drink them. I need something that can blend kale!

  • Mary Anne DeZur

    P.S. I did sign up for your newsletter for an extra entry!
    Thank you again!
    Mary Anne

  • Hanumachastry Rupakula

    I love this outstanding juicer worked for more than 3 years without any issues ( the previous two purchases worth more than $100 each broke down in less than a year). I would like to win the same now so I can give to my daughter who is going to start family soon!

  • Pleshette

    I would make smoothies for myself and family.


  • Bethany McLean

    I’d use it to juice blackberries, because they grow by the billions here and they’re free for the picking, but you have to be creative on how to use them all up.

  • Bethany McLean

    I’ve already signed up for the newsletter. :)

  • MaryAnn

    If I won the juicer, I would use it for myself as well as use it to help some of the people in my building who are not doing well heathwise. There lives could stand a boost. It would be my pleasure to prepare fresh juice for them to let them know of another way other than living the rest of lives on prescription drugs.

  • corey kirshner

    I would continue to juice but also teach others how to juice.
    I love my Lexan Juicer.

  • Heather

    Of course I would like to keep it myself, but Mom has been researching juicers for wheatgrass to help with several health conditions she suffers with. Because MY need preventative, I would give the juicer to her to help her regain the quality of life I enjoy.

  • Janet

    I would love to start juicing. I have heard of the health benefits and want to start enjoying them

  • Heather

    i would begin a juice detox asap. i’ve always wanted to do one!
    heatheranya at hotmail dot com

  • Heather

    i signed up for the newsletter
    heatheranya at hotmail dot com

  • Heather
  • amy

    I would juice some fruits and wheatgrass and make them into healthy awesome wonderful homemade popsicles!!! yum yum :)

  • Robert

    Juice yummmm
    Wheatgrass hmmmmm

  • Nicolas Lam

    Didn’t realize you had a newsletter. Just signed up. I’m looking forward to the humorous weekly healthy tips!
    With a Healthy Lexen Electric Juicer I would be overjoyed because it would be a total upgrade. A little background. Several years ago, I bought the manual Healthy Juicer. It worked well. Gave it to my parents to juice while they traveled. Now that my daughter is 5 years old and into fruits & vegetables, I’m growing wheat grass again and was chewing some blades today. A juicer made for wheat grass would indeed be an upgrade and make things so much easier!

  • Kerrie S

    I would drink all kinds of juice! I have been wanting to start trying the green drink that all my friends are touting as a way to have more energy throughout the day. My daughter also needs this as we try to heal her gallbladder. She is a dancer and really doesn’t want to go through surgery when we know she can get healthy again by drinking natural juices!!

  • Kirsten

    Would have lots of healthy juice on a regular basis to help hubby and I get healthy and lose weight. Would be great to have around for when kids come along too.

  • Kirsten

    Subscribe to your newsletter

  • Steve Yantis

    We have a very productive garden and it would be great to have a juicer for adding juice to the drying, canning and freezing.

  • Steve Yantis

    Just signed up for your news letter. Hope to get jucing ideas.

  • Jennifer Doering

    If I won this juicer, I would be able to provide healthier alternatives to a change – adverse family!

  • Bonnie C.

    Hi! If I win the Lexen Healthy Juicer, making wheatgrass juice will be soooo much easier! I grow winter wheat in trays, and regularly juice greens like kale and parsley to add to my standard carrot/apple mix. I love my old Champion, but it really isn’t built to process leafy greens optimally. Thanks!
    Oh, and I just signed up for your newsletter too.

  • hanh nguyen

    If I win this then I would mix vegetable and fruit together and give it to my son to drink it because he does not like to eat vegetable.

  • hanh nguyen

    I had Sign up for your Newletter

  • hanh nguyen
  • hanh nguyen
  • Khrys {Mom of 3 Dolls}

    I just read the 3-Day Cleanse and would love to try it. I need a juicer!

  • Khrys {Mom of 3 Dolls}

    Subscribe as khrysdoll at yahoo dot com

  • Khrys {Mom of 3 Dolls}
  • Josette

    Hi there, just found your blog…Love it!! Good stuff here! If I won, I would make Dr. Oz’ Green drink! Also lots of other great juicy drinks! I signed up for your newsletter and shared on FB!! Can’t wait…Happy Juicing!!