Win a FREE Lexen Healthy Juicer – Santa Came Early…

Ok my friends…this is a new idea that I brought to one of our Juicy Meetings (ok, we don’t actually call them that…but…it fits the theme, right?).  I think its a pretty good idea myself.  I asked if I could enter, but the Juicy guys up top said no.  Whats up with that?!

So, here you have it…the fruits of my labor, so to speak.  The prize of said give-away?  A Lexen Electric Healthy Juicer!  It is worth $149, so a nice little prize if I do say so.  Also – if you are one of those folks who feel like they never win, or you really need one and want to be sure you get one for Christmas I’ve also been given the code to unlock a 10% off Coupon on the Lexen Electric (good until December 15th 2008).  Just use XMASLEXEN at the checkout.

So here is the low down on how to enter.

  • One Virtual Ticket if you comment on this blog about how you would use the Healthy Juicer Electric
  • Two Virtual Tickets if you comment on this blog (as stated above) AND link to from your own blog or website (just let me know what site you have and I’ll check it out!)
  • Extra Credit Bonus: You can earn an Extra Virtual Ticket if you subscribe to our newsletter.  Just add that you did so in the comments and I’ll verify.
  • DRAWING WILL BE HELD AT RANDOM ON DECEMBER 12th (we are putting all names in a big BlendTec and picking one..pretty high tech, right?).  I’ll post the the winner later that evening, so if you aren’t subscribed to our RSS feed you might want to do that..or just check back.

Pretty simple right?, comment and link away.

And remember – if you don’t win (we will post the winner after we draw) you can always use the 10% Off Coupon for the Lexen (XMASLEXEN) up until December 15th 2008!

Oh – and hey – checkout the rest of the blog.  We have a new contributor who knows her stuff, Donna Boyle.  There is a bunch of great info on here if you are into this kind of stuff!

This is the FREE Juicer we are giving away! By Lexen worth $149!
This is the FREE Juicer we are giving away! By Lexen worth $149!

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  • P.A!

    After gorging myself during Thanksgiving (and the aniticipated gorging during the next few weeks), I’m going to need this juicer to help me eat better in the new year.
    JuicyJosh Response:
    hahahaha! Hey – you gotta read my upcoming blog about Healthy Christmas Eating…it is going to go up on December 13th..I happen to think its a pretty good one, but I am a little biased…

  • Richard Thompson

    I already own this juicer and it works great. I would give the one I win to my sister whose health is compromised. What better gift?

    JuicyJosh Response:
    Very cool. I actually use this one myself as well and love it. Hope your sister does get better my friend.

  • Sue Petersen

    I don’t have a website, but I would love a juicer! I am re-learning how to eat plus getting a masters in clinical nutrition to teach them how to eat.

    Drink your Veggies everyone! Yum!!!!!

    JuicyJosh Response:
    Ok…masters in clinical nutrition? Sue! You could probably teach me a thing or two..

  • Devon

    I would love to enter! I would give this as a Christmas gift to a family where I live in David, Chiriqui in the Republic of Panama. It is a family that owns a small herbal and juice bar that would be making botanical herbal medications to help the poor people that can not afford the regular medications. It sure would be a true Christmas blessing to see a struggling women that makes herbal extracts and teas by hand to have a power juicer. So I truly believe that the Lexen juicer would be perfect for truly needy person.

    JuicyJosh Response:
    Thats awesome….consider your entry ‘in the blender’..not in a bad way, but literally…without being plugged in.

  • Randy

    Hi…My wife and I have entered into the world of healthy eating. Her father has had stents inserted into his heart valves a few times in the past few years as well as being diagnosed with diabetes. My grandmother had diabetes as well. Seeing the toll this puts on a person and their family, we have decided together to exercise more by walking together and using our new treadmill. We also have been exploring ways to integrate more fruits and vegetables into our daily diets (juicer anyone?), replacing the sodas and chip (baked or not :) ). Neither of our overweight by any means, but we are trying (key word: trying) to improve our health now for our future.


  • Jason

    If I win this juicer, I’ll make green juices every morning!

  • claire

    I’m on the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet and eventually it requires juicing to help detox and nutrify. I would love to try something besides my vitamix.

  • Albert McDonnell

    I realize all the benefits of juicing for health and well being, but they are so expensive, I’ve never been able to afford one, because my only source of income is my monthly Social Security check.. Maybe I’ll be lucky and be a winner.
    I’m on the mailing list, and receive the newsletter…Al McDonnell

  • Sharon

    Please enter my name in the drawing for the juicer. I have recently started growing my own wheatgrass and I understand this is one of the best juicers for juicing that. I am juicing wheatgrass with my green star juicer now but that foams quite a bit. I also signed up for your newsletter, so I am looking forward to lots of healthy information there.

    Thanks so much,

  • Jennifer Landrine

    I would be very nice to win. I have the manual juicer and love it. Having this deluxe model would be a real treat. All of my co-workers tease me about my green juice. I have been very pleased with my manual juicer and have used it to juice all types of fruits and veggies, not just wheat grass.

  • barbara

    Hi! I would use the juicer for wheatgrass and for making saurkraut juice. My juicer is getting old and it leaks. I had severe health problems and since I have been juicing, drinking kefir and kombucha I am a new person… no more symptoms! Now that I am better, we of course will continue to juice AND we have offered for a friend to come live w/ us who is struggling w/ serious health issues. He eats total junk right now. Sooooo, if he comes to live with us we will be putting him on a strict healthy diet — which means juicing for more people. It would be nice to not have a leaking juicer w/ all the juice we plan to make. Thanks for the contest. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  • Beth

    I have this juicer and LOVE it. I travel to my mom’s quite a bit and would love to have one there as well. I feel so much healthier with it in my life :-) !! Thanks!

  • Roger

    I have the hand operated juicer at home and for the road and I like it fine. The others in the house also like it when I crank out the juice for them. I find that I do it less often than I need due to the time involved though the love is there. I have a small practice in acupuncture, massage, herbs, diet etc. and would like to demonstrate the operation and benefits to clients. (The clear auger/ barrel are fascinating to watch.) The house would definitely be better for it (and so would my arm). In any event, a good, simple and effective product. I’ll get another when this one goes, if ever. I’m still building a website and already receive your newsletter. Thanks so much Josh.

  • Alyssa Casassa

    I would love to win a new juicer! My old juicer has been used and used and has seen better days. I am an avid juicer and would like to see how wonderful your product is for myself. Please enter me in the drawing.

    Thanks so much! Alyssa

  • Dolores

    I would love to win the juicer. I have just recently decided to go Raw. A couple of months ago I purchased a great Food processor from you, that I love. Makes things a lot easier. A juicer would be the next appliance I can see that I will need. To win a juicer now would be a great BIG boost to help me stay on my new RAW lifestyle.
    Thanks so much for telling me about this juicer giveaway.

  • Genny

    If I won this juicer I would go on a one week (or more) juice fast, I have been wanting to do this for a while, however, the juicer I have is quite small, so it would take more time to prepare fresh juice.

  • Michelle

    Hi, please enter me in your juicer drawing, and thanks for the great newsletter! I am a seriously committed juice drinker and would love to use a better juicer. I juice every day and it has saved me from some seriously chronic health problems that have to do with my digestive track that started after a trip to South America. I tried many things but juicing is the only thing that ever worked for me. It has allowed me to live a much much better life.

  • Kaylee

    I’d love to start juicing.

  • Flavia

    I love juicing and natural juices! I invested in a juicer last year and usually start my day with carrot-apple-ginger or pineapple-cucumber. Since then, a number of my friends and colleagues have bought juicers and I bought one from for my dad. Now he grows and juices his own wheat grass daily. And because of how much he has benefited now he and his doctor swear by it.

    If I win this juicer, I would be ecstatic. My juicer stopped working a few weeks ago, and I am hoping to invest in another one – because I don’t think I could live without juicing. Also, as an Integrative Nutritionist, it’s great to walk the talk I talk.

  • Margaret

    I believe that I deserve this juicer because I have been doing everything possible to improve my health over the last year.
    I have had health problems for over a year that are stress and diet related. I am a college student and always have a lot of pressure on me to perform at my highest.

    I already eat extremely healthy, but still feel sick and unhealthy most of the time. A powerful electric juicer is exactly what I need. Giving my digestive system a rest with fresh healthful juices would be very beneficial. Right now I make some juices using a blender and straining it, which has made an improvement! But the setup is really sub-optimal. I am considering seeing if a juice fast would help, but without a juicer it is not an option. I could use as much help as I can get.

    I would really like to feel healthier so I can put all of my focus on school (then use my education to make the world a better place).

    I would also use it to make delicious nut butters to feed my friends and family :)

    *I signed up for the newsletter.

  • Debbie

    If I win the juicer I will give it to my sister-in-law so she can enjoy the same wonderful treats I enjoy now. I got my juicer about 6 months ago and don’t know what I ever did without it. I hope your new newsletter (which I signed up for) will give me some new ideas to add to my growing collection of things to make with my juicer.

  • Jon Janssen

    I was going to say why I would benefit from this juicer, but after reading the other entries I’ll say this: If my entry wins, I’d choose to have the juicer be given to Devon above, so it can go to help needy people in Panama.

    I bought the manual lexan juicers from 877juicer and it’s doing just fine :)

    Jon J. (also JJ)

  • Bharat Shah

    This juicer can produce juice which is good for health. Wheat grass juice which ic cancer preventive and other advantages by drinking everyday in the morning on empty stomach. Fresh fruit juices are also good for health. We have been drinking juices which can remove the dark circle around the eyes, wrinkles etc.

  • Kim

    My husband and I drink fresh vegetable juice daily and would love to win the Lexen so that we can add wheatgrass to our health regimen. I also just signed up for your newsletter.


  • DodM

    ENTER ME!!!!! I’m a beginner at the juice thing.Your newsletters has sure helped alot. I would love to win

  • Julie

    I am currently a college student and I am majoring in health and fitness. I am currently in the process of getting certified as a pilates instructor, yoga instructor and personal trainer. My life is very much on the move and I would use a juicer to improve my own nutrition. I enrolled in the program that I am in to inspire others to be healthy but to do so, I need to be healthy myself. I have so little time and money to put into healthy food and this juicer would help in both areas. Healthy bottled juice is extremely expensive and juicing is quicker than cooking.

    I moved out on my own when I was 17 and one of the first things I wanted when I moved out of the house was a juicer but I have never had the extra money to buy one. I was planning on asking for one of these juicers for Christmas but I would really like to save my family the money.

    I also just signed up for the news letter.

  • Lindy

    Fantastic! Enter me. Will support my commitment to health and well being.

  • Ilse

    What a great thing to do for customers! I would LOVE to win this. I would give it to my son who really needs a juicer to improve his health. Today is day 15 on a juice fast for me. Juicers are perfect for people on raw diets (myself). I am a cancer survivor and am getting all the chemo toxins out of my body with juice and water fasts.!
    I believe I get your newsletter already, but will check and sign up, if I don’t (but how else would I have found out about this?). Merry Christmas JuicyJoshy & 877myjuicer!

  • Wichian

    If I win this juicer, I’ll give it to my parents so they can be healthier.
    I already subscribed for the newsletter.

  • Ellen Linnenburger

    My stomach is all a-flutter at the thought of winning this juicer for my family! I’m a novice “raw-foodie”, in the process of completely re-vamping our dietary lifestyle. I really look forward to juicing fruits and veggies daily(not currently owning a juicer). Keep up the great newsletter and…. by the way, can you recommend a good juice for these flutters?! Oy…boy!

  • Debbie

    This would be so wonderful to have, I’ve been trying to get my mom back to better health, she has CHF, Diabetes, high BP, high Colestrol, and the oster blender just died yesterday, it would really be put to good use. I also get the news letter. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Dave

    I would use this juicer to rev-up my raw foods diet and get closer to my goal of 100% raw by 2009. There are lots of combinations I am drooling to try. I also signed up for the newsletter, so count me in!

  • Barbara-Joy Weston

    Please enter me, I am already signed up for the newsletter. My old juicer died several months ago and I am really tired of being juice-deprived.

    Regards, Barbara-Joy

  • Christy

    Enter me! I would use this as a Christmas Gift for my Grandmother! She has been wanting one forever. She is older so this seems like it would be very easy for her to use. She has been wanting to juice wheatgrass for a long time as well, so this would be perfect for her.



    JuicyJosh Response:
    Christy – Ho Ho Ho…Santa might bring the Free-Sleigh!

  • sjcdal

    Hi, way cool. I never win, ANYTHING, but I do love juicing, and your site and the newsletter have proved to be entertaining and invaluable as I pursue the WWOJ. (wunnerful world of juicing).

    Please enter me in the contest!

    JuicyJosh Response:
    This might just be your lucky time my friend! Entry…ENTERED!

  • Jill

    Enter me! (I also signed up for the newsletter). I am going to school for integrative nutrition/wellness and could use the juicer to teach my future clients how to stay healthy by juicing!! In turn directing them to your site to purchase a juicer of their very own…everybody wins! :)

    JuicyJosh Response:
    JIIIIIIIIIIILL!!!!!!!!! Coolio. Saw you on the newsletter…you now have dos entries. Congrats my cyber friend.

  • Jackie

    I love my little Lexen hand juicer. Problem is that I keep burning it out. It does a good job on wheat grass but the handle broke and the screw detached. I reordered and got a new screw and handle… the new screw is going already. It is really rather interesting… the groves where the handle attaches is actually warping and is no longer in parallel lines but wavy. With that said, I juice a flat or two at a time. Lovely little darling doesn’t seem to be able to keep up ;)

    I have researched the electric juicers and the Healthy Lexen Juicer is my choice, it is the best bang for the buck. Problem is I trying to come up with the buck. Santa would truly bless me if I were to receive this juicer so I can keep those leafy greens going. I love it! I have been a good girl this year Santa, and my family and I would be very blessed!

    I subscribed to the newsletter. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Alexandra

    I have heard great reports on the Lexen healthy juicer. My juicer is on it’s last legs and it would be helpful to be gifted a new one! Signed up for the newsletter. I have two neighbors in recovery, getting a new juicer would enable me to offer them fresh juices in the mornings and motivate me to get regular in my juicing and enjoy that extension. Everyone benefits!
    peace and health!

  • Janet

    I have Polycystic Kidney Disease, which has no cure. I am on a whole food diet trying to save my life. I could really use the juicer. I have also signed up for your news letter. Thank you

  • victoria

    I would absolutely love to have this juicer. I do humanitarian work in Afghanistan and I haven’t found any high quality juicers here. I brought one over last year when I first arrived, but it broke a couple of months ago. I love juicing. I believe it is very important to one’s health. I live in a very high polluted city and I have food allergies, so it’s important for me to make healthy food choices, which includes juicing.

  • Drew

    A juicer would be a great compliment to the Excalibur Dehydrator we bought from 877MyJuicer. Raw food just wouldn’t be the same.

  • patty

    I would use the juicer to nourish my ill and withering husband with fresh pressed juices, our current old used juicer leaks but I am grateful for it nonetheless. I have seen the fresh juices keep him alive when he can eat nothing else for days. I am no more special than anyone else, but I would like to win the new juicer for my husband.

  • Maria Cardinal

    I love my juicer and would love to give one out for Christmas. My mom lived on the farm all her life and she likes to can, make jellies and juices. Thanks for the opportunity

  • michael

    I would give my Champion to my friend, a family of 6 (they are borrowing it already), and I would juice with a renewed vigour, for at least a couple days. Then if it easily cleans, it would be in use more than ever! I would even make juice for guests and parties.

  • Teresa Arroyo

    It will be a gift to my self, my being, my health. I have been contemplating the wheatgrass experience for a while. I buy it at health food stores and recomend to many, and wouldn’t it be great to receive free of charge this excellent tool to make it happen? Thanks for the opportunity

  • Roslyn

    i would use my new Lexan Juicer to juice organic KALE! It is my favourite vegetable – so green, so healthy.

    Without a juicer I cannot get all the amazing nutrients out of this fabulous veggie. When I steam it even lightly, I know much of the goodness is gone and if I chew it raw, it takes forever to eat.

    I would juice it with ginger and apple and carrot and….

    I have received your newsletter for some time and dreamed of juicing kale. Perhaps I will finally have my chance!!

  • Lynne Parlberg

    A juicy Hello and Happy Holidays!

    A juicer…ahhhh. That would be a dream come true! I have had this on my mind’s “wish list” for many years. If I had a juicer, I would juice everything I could, providing nutritious liquids for myself and all those I loved. They would be so enthralled with the juicy nectar that they will want to buy one and I will direct them to your website for the best deals anywhere! Thanks for the opportunity to win your contest!!! Peace….


  • Oni

    I would love to be the lucky recipient of the Lexen Juicer! I am a fourth-year medical student, and my girlfriend (who just became vegan) has convinced me that there are all sorts of wonderful ways to get in our veggies, and we’re eager to start experimenting with juices! With her nutritional expertise and my medical background, we hope to come up with optimal juice combinations that would be chock-full of both flavor and nutrients. Whether or not we get this one, we’ll be buying ones for our parents anyway from your site–I love how prompt your service is! Thanks again for everything!

  • Brigitte

    I would love this juicer because I’m pregnant. I want to get back on my raw diet now that I’m no longer in the naseauous stage of my pregnancy. I would love this juicer for the health of my baby, myself and the rest of my family.

    I signed up for your newsletter and I certainly wouldn’t mind adding your link to my personal blog. That is if you don’t mind either.

    Thank you for hosting this give away!!!!

  • Brigitte

    Oops wrong give away! Doh!