Win a FREE Lexen Healthy Juicer – Santa Came Early…

Ok my friends…this is a new idea that I brought to one of our Juicy Meetings (ok, we don’t actually call them that…but…it fits the theme, right?).  I think its a pretty good idea myself.  I asked if I could enter, but the Juicy guys up top said no.  Whats up with that?!

So, here you have it…the fruits of my labor, so to speak.  The prize of said give-away?  A Lexen Electric Healthy Juicer!  It is worth $149, so a nice little prize if I do say so.  Also – if you are one of those folks who feel like they never win, or you really need one and want to be sure you get one for Christmas I’ve also been given the code to unlock a 10% off Coupon on the Lexen Electric (good until December 15th 2008).  Just use XMASLEXEN at the checkout.

So here is the low down on how to enter.

  • One Virtual Ticket if you comment on this blog about how you would use the Healthy Juicer Electric
  • Two Virtual Tickets if you comment on this blog (as stated above) AND link to from your own blog or website (just let me know what site you have and I’ll check it out!)
  • Extra Credit Bonus: You can earn an Extra Virtual Ticket if you subscribe to our newsletter.  Just add that you did so in the comments and I’ll verify.
  • DRAWING WILL BE HELD AT RANDOM ON DECEMBER 12th (we are putting all names in a big BlendTec and picking one..pretty high tech, right?).  I’ll post the the winner later that evening, so if you aren’t subscribed to our RSS feed you might want to do that..or just check back.

Pretty simple right?, comment and link away.

And remember – if you don’t win (we will post the winner after we draw) you can always use the 10% Off Coupon for the Lexen (XMASLEXEN) up until December 15th 2008!

Oh – and hey – checkout the rest of the blog.  We have a new contributor who knows her stuff, Donna Boyle.  There is a bunch of great info on here if you are into this kind of stuff!

This is the FREE Juicer we are giving away! By Lexen worth $149!
This is the FREE Juicer we are giving away! By Lexen worth $149!

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  • Linda

    When I win the juicer, I would juice everyday to help me with my spiritual development. Juicing is not only good for your body, but also for your mind and spirit as well. I feel I’d be a little closer to heaven on earth with this wonderful juicer. I’d invite my friends, and family over to partake in the bounty. Peace

  • Miriam

    A juicer helps you be more creative in your eating habits. Additionally, it would be fun for my nieces and nephews.

  • Bernard Brégaint

    I have been eating raw and living foods for 4 years now. I use a juicer every day for juicing wheatgrass and every 2 days for preparing what I call my ‘dynamite breakfast’ which includes blended fruit or vegetable juice, macca, ‘levure de bière’ (sorry! I just cannot recall the English term for this vitamin B containing powder, 2 raw eggs and a fruit. Also since I am single, bunches of various vegetables are too big for me to eat reasonably fresh. So I juice them routinely a few days after purchase. There is not a day that I do not juice an ingredient or another.