Why Buy a Juicer?

The best reason to ask “why buy a juicer” is to look closely at the label of most store bought juices. What comes first? Corn syrup? Sugar? How much fruit or vegetable is actually in the juice? Look at the ingredients and you will quickly find that most of the easy-to-buy, right-off-the-shelf juices available are made of sugar and water with a bit of fruit or vegetable juice. These juices typically also contain a number of preservatives, coloring agents, and other unnecessary and possibly detrimental additives that will neither be advantageous to your diet or your health. Raw foods, on the other hand, contain active live enzymes, beneficial to your health. Many health enthusiasts consider a raw-food diet the most healing and nutritious, and a juicer is one way you can quickly reap the rewards of eating raw.

Juicing Raw Foods

· There is hardly any digestive work needed to process raw, enzymatically active liquid. With a juicer, fruit and vegetable juice gets into the system quickly.

· Squeezed vegetable juice is very nutrient-dense and full of phytonutrients (or plant chemicals), which are proving to be the key behind keeping our bodies free of cancer, digestive problems, and other degenerative illnesses.

· The most overlooked, reason to juice is to cleanse the liver. Any human biology book tells us that there are now over 700 known functions of the liver, but what you may not realize is that functionality is dependent on whether or not your liver is congested.

The benefits of regularly cleansing with freshly squeezed, organic juice is to give your body a fresh start; use up excess storages of body fat, ingest various anti-oxidants (like acidic fruits), deprive the body of what it may be addicted to (caffeine, sugar, smoking, drugs, etc.), which leads to eventual purging of the toxins in your system and impacted wastes — as well as promote gastrointestinal tract lubrication and to hydrate the body. A cleansed liver is a felt sensation. Improving its function seems to affect everything, from mental clarity and focus to emotions to sleep to how stress is handled to increasing your energy..Plus, is just might help you reboot and install a new and healthier diet.

Enjoy and Be Well,

Juicy Josh


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