Grow Your Own Wheatgrass – A Kit for Novices

Wheat grass has been said to cleanse your blood, improve the look of skin and hair, fight infection, suppress appetite and in some cases, decrease the size of tumors. With a reputation like that, it’s no wonder that the popularity of this little sprout is growing like gangbusters.

The first time I had a shot of wheatgrass, I wanted to spit it right back up; the overwhelming grass flavor was far too much for my undeveloped palate. Fast forward 10 years and I swear by it. Since I began integrating wheatgrass into my diet, twice weekly, I have noticed a change in the composition of my nails (less splitting) and my hair.

Vanity aside, I’ve noticed that hangovers are easier to overcome and my sweet tooth has been seriously sidelined. Rumor has it that if your body needs the nutrients found in wheatgrass, it will taste sweeter, as opposed to bitter. Perhaps that’s the body’s way of cushioning the blow to ensure the healthy habit continues!

Although the appeal of wheatgrass is undeniable with a laundry list of glowing benefits of ingestion, the price of a shot at your local juice or smoothie shop can be a turn-off. At my local smoothie bar, a single shot comes in at $3 a pop and a double shot at a whopping $5, which can be a very hard shot to swallow.

Many people grow their own sprouts, and I can see why. With user friendly  growing kits ranging in prices that accommodate all budgets, it only makes sense. has a vast array of wheatgrass kits for the novice to the expert grower. The Wheatgrass Growing Kit is the best bang for the novice buck. This kit comes complete with seeds, growing trays, fertilizer, a complete instruction sheet and more, all for an amazing price. Spending $10 per week ($40 per month) visiting my local juice shop for my wheatgrass shots seems foolish, when for a one time fee of $39.99 I could be growing my own grass.

When broken down like that, it makes much more financial sense – allowing me to forget about money and focus on enjoying my wheatgrass. So simple; and I love simple solutions.

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