Weird Home Remedies Featuring Bananas

Weird Home Remedies Featuring Bananas

Maybe you don’t like the idea of wearing a banana, but because the fruit is rich in vitamins and antioxidants like potassium and lutein, they have positive effect it has on our skin. After all, skin absorbs a certain amount of what you place on it (depending on skin thickness and how concentrated the substance is, of course).

According to Ara DerMarderosian, Ph.D., who conducts research on various folk remedies, “A banana is going to be soothing because it contains slippery components that are starch-like materials [polysaccharides].”

And the sugar in bananas is slightly anti-microbial, which means it can help fight various infections.

Itch Relief

Bitten by mosquitoes during the barbecue? Stumbled into a nasty patch of poison ivy while hiking? Quickly, peel a banana and apply the cooling skin to your itch. Banana peels can help to stop the inflammation and sooth the itching, giving you sweet relief (or at least a buffer period before you can get your hands on some calamine lotion).

Soothing Facial

Banana facials are praised for their ability to fight dry skin and ward off wrinkles. All the vitamins in the fruit (B6, C, manganese, potassium) are great for your skin, too. Just wash your face, mash up a banana, and smear it on! Add a tablespoon of honey for extra moisturizing powers.

Acne Fighter

Since banana peels have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, try adding them to your arsenal of acne products. After cleansing your face, rub the inside of a banana peel all over your skin. You can even lie down and spread one or two peels across your face like a mask if you’re feeling super motivated. Try this folk remedy at night, unless you want to smell like bananas all day.

Dry Hair Saver

The amino acids in bananas help protect your hair from environmental damage, and their citric acid makes your locks shiny. Blend a banana with a few chunks of cantaloupe and avocado, and a few tablespoons of plain yogurt, and massage through your hair. Leave on for 30 minutes and shampoo out.

It sounds weird, but we promise that your hair will be shiny and conditioned when you emerge from the shower.

No More Warts

Home remedy aficionados swear by the wart-fighting power of the humble banana peel, and if you’ve got a nasty wart, you’re probably willing to try anything to get rid of it. Just tape a small piece of banana peel to the affected area with the inside of the peel pressed against your wart. Leave on overnight, or if you’re doing this during the day, leave on until the peel turns black. We know. Ew. You’ll need to keep this up for several weeks to see results.

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