Watermelon Wheatgrass Juice

Whenever I suggest that someone start including wheatgrass into their diet, I’m greeted with a turned up nose and an all too quick “no way”, and you know what? I get it.

Wheatgrass isn’t the best tasting juice on the planet. I remember that when I first jumped on the wheatgrass bandwagon, I found it absolutely acrid – it felt like I was punishing myself.

What kept me going were the amazing health benefits associated with this power-packed foliage, which includes the prevention of inflammation, the elimination of bad breath and body odor, and it’s detoxification properties.

The saying “no pain, no gain” took on a whole new meaning. It’s funny, sometimes the flavor doesn’t bother me at all, and sometimes I can barely get it down. I blame my trepid mental gag reflex.

My desperate search for wheatgrass – and a happy surprise

This past weekend after days of over-indulgence, I was in desperate need of wheatgrass. Rather than suffer while trying to down two 2o oz shots, I decided to try something new. And being that I still had a whole watermelon, I figured that watermelon and wheatgrass might make a delicious couple. I was right!

Although you would be inclined to think that the flavor of watermelon would be lost among the bold grassy flavor of the wheatgrass, the subtle sweetness of the fruit takes the edge off, killing the aforementioned acrid flavor and leaving only the sweet grassy notes of the wheatgrass. And because the water content in watermelon is considerable, this drink will leave you feeling refreshed. Turned up noses, be gone!

Watermelon Wheatgrass

  • a quarter of a whole watermellon
  • 20 oz wheatgrass

Remove the seeds and juice the watermelon according to your juicers instructions. In the end, you’ll want to have about 500 ml of juice. Put the watermelon juice into a tall glass and mix in the 2oz of wheatgrass juice. Serve cold for optimum refreshment.

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