Choices about what we eat….

We make many choices in the course of our lives.   When I decided to get pregnant, I made the choice to become a vegetarian.  I thought that was the right choice for my baby.  It turned out to also be the right choice for me.  My daughter was born 18 years ago.  At that time there weren’t a lot of choices or places to turn that supported my beliefs.   I didn’t want to give her dairy and I didn’t want to give her meat.  I’ll never forget at each visit to the pediatrician when the doctor would ask her if she was drinking milk and eating meat and my little girl would just nod her head.  Then we’d have a good laugh in the car.  There’s more than one way to get your vitamins and nutrients!  She was rarely sick and she was growing in all ways.  I made choices.  I made mashed bananas and mashed vegetables.  I purchased the expensive, organic baby food at the local health food store.  As she grew, I made other choices.

We live in a town without fast food.  I am thankful for that.  I took as much as I could in the car with me for road trips.  Eventually we’d have to stop at a restaurant or fast food chain.  Again, the choices there were minimal.  Today there are more choices .  And now there’s much more support for kids and making healthy choices every day for yourself and your children.

How do you make the choice to eat healthier?  It starts with asking for just that…And then listening.   At a yoga retreat many years ago, I sat down to a silent breakfast.  I asked my body what it needed to eat.  I walked through the food line and put only what my body needed on my plate.  How did I know?  I listened.  I sat and thanked all the hands that came into contact with the food on my plate.  I took one small bite.  I put the fork down.  I chewed until it was liquid in my mouth.  And I did that again and again until I was finished.  I took the time to slow down.

Two years ago I made the choice to delve into a raw food lifestyle.  The internet has put in front of us a wealth of knowledge.  We make choices every day.   Lately my choices come more from my body than my mind.  I wake up grateful for the gifts that will appear in my life that day.  Does it always work?  Nope…it doesn’t.  That’s where the choice of feeling guilty or not comes into play.  I choose to drink my greens.  I choose to eat smaller amounts.  Since my transition to more living foods, I need less food.  I feel the best I’ve ever felt.  Do I eat this way 100% of the time? No, I don’t.  And that’s my choice.

Yesterday I visited a friend at his farm.  He was kind enough to let me go home with a bag full of his root veggies and swiss chard.  Yes, that’s right….it’s Dec 10th in Vermont and he’s still growing greens!  I’m writing this with a green smoothie by my side.  I put in my Vitamix the following ingredients:

1-2 cups water

Two big handfuls of fresh organic swiss chard

Small amount of parsley

One frozen banana

One cup of frozen raspberries

Every part of my mind this morning wanted to eat something that my body didn’t want.  I took deep breaths and I made the choice to drink what I knew would make me feel better.  Ultimately it really is about feeling better.  Body and soul.  I will be thinking about you today making the right choice for your body. I’ve come a long way and I’m still learning. Here’s to the choices we make and may they be the right ones for each of us.

Donna, I chose that, Bergonzi-Boyle

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