Unexpected Fiber Sources

Unexpected Fiber Sources

We all know fiber is important for you–it keeps your digestive system healthy and functioning, it helps regulate your blood sugar, it lowers your cholesterol, and it automatically helps you understand nuclear physics. Okay, not that last one. When it comes to your daily fiber intake, we know you can do better than a bowl of Fiber One cereal. You should be trying for somewhere between 25 and 40 grams of fiber a day, but most people fall short of the mark.

Here are some great, tasty fiber sources that you may have overlooked before now.

Nuts are a totally easy way to sneak more fiber into your diet with minimal effort. A cup of almonds gives you 44% of your recommended daily allowance, and that’s an easy mid-afternoon snack size. You can also sprinkle almonds on cereal or yogurt, add to roasted or sautéed veggie dishes, and even use them to top your ice cream. Who said fiber had to be puritanical?

Chia seeds
One ounce of chia seeds has 40% of your day’s fiber, which is kind of crazy. Plus, these little fellows are even easier to sneak into other dishes than almonds. Stir them into your green smoothies, add to salads, top Greek yogurt with chia and honey, or make surprisingly delicious chia pudding by mixing chia seeds, non-dairy milk, and a sweetener.

Green smoothies
Speaking of the devil, we all know that green smoothies pack a major nutritional punch, but don’t forget how fiber-filled they are. When you make one, you’re using the whole green–fiber and all–as opposed to juicing, which squeezes out the plant’s fiber.

Bulgur wheat
Looking for a new grain for your morning cereal? One tablespoon of bulgur has 1% of your day’s fiber, so a bowl of bulgur is an easy way to amp up your fibrous intake. Spice up with cinnamon, nutmeg, and raw honey.

Keep the skin on, baby, because an apple a day has 17% of the fiber you need. Eat them raw, roast them with almonds, sugar, and cinnamon, add to hot bulgur cereal, or blend up in a green smoothie and top with chia seeds. See what I did there? Your digestive system is thanking you already.

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