Two Weeks to A Healthier, Less Sluggish YOU with Wheatgrass!

I have been on a wheatgrass kick as of late, ignited by a challenge I set for myself after a friend’s wedding and a vacation in very short succession. The challenge was to commit to doing a 1oz shot of wheatgrass four times a week for two weeks!

I’ve come to understand that it takes at least a solid two weeks to start seeing some health benefits and results from any new activity, including exercise and healthier eating and living.

Why wheatgrass as an energizer?

Summer has a way of derailing regiments of any kind. The combination of  hot weather and over-indulgence leaves a noticeable and hard-to-shake sluggish feeling. When I saw the numbers on the scale beginning to rise, I became astoundingly motivated to get back to normal, and I’ve decided wheatgrass will hopefully help me to restore order.

Having been a part of the wheatgrass tribe, I knew what to expect (I’m familiar with the “BAM grass” taste that pretty accurately describes the flavor or wheatgrass). But fear not if you don’t like the flavor of grass (most people don’t) – I’ll have you know that the flavor doesn’t linger in your mouth for very long.

Two weeks of wheatgrass

The first week was rough. I had started exercising and eating healthy again, so I was tired and craving bad things. The wheatgrass gave me what felt like an uphill climb in regards to my mood and energy levels. But, sometime during the second week, it was as if a huge cloud lifted, and all at once I was feeling great! I was energetic and cheerful again (albeit a little cranky from the soreness thanks to my renewed vigor for exercise).

The bummer of a wheatgrass diet: expenses

After two weeks of wheatgrass, I was feeling great, but my wallet was not as jovial. Visiting my local juice bar four times a week for my wheatgrass shots was getting a little too pricey, so in order to sustain this level of wheatgrass consumption I was going to need another solution.

The wheatgrass starter kit: affordable and easy to use

Enter the Wheatgrass Starter Kit, complete with everything one would need to start growing wheatgrass at home. After about ten days your grass is going to need a serious trim, and that’s when it’s time to juice!

To juice your wheatgrass you can opt for a manual mastication style juicer, which serves only to juice wheatgrass, or you can opt for a multipurpose juicer, that also juices your favorite fruits and vegetables. The choice really is up to you and your budget.

Regardless of whether you have just begun a new healthy regime, or are looking to add some je ne sais quoi to your healthy lifestyle routine, you need to consider wheatgrass!

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  • Jenny

    Ahhhh Bianca I feel the same way! You described it perfectly when you said “BAM”. You know – I go in and out of juicing wheatgrass. I gotta say though, when I do…I REALLY feel so much better. More energized, focused at work, stronger, everything!

    Thanks for all of your great articles – this is my first time to comment but I enjoy reading your posts. They keep me inspired to staying healthy…and provide some great new ideas!

  • Bianca Sasha

    Thanks for the lovely comment!

    It’s so true, I go in and out of juicing wheatgrass myself; but when I commit to it, I notice a huge difference!

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