Treating Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Who of us, if we’re honest, can really stand the nuisance of seasonal allergies?  I understand that the body’s production of histamines is a natural defense against toxins and that we want this critical function of our immune system in place when we’re exposed to a real threat, like the Mycotoxins produced by mold.  However, in the same way that neurosis is the mind’s maladaptive fear response; allergies are the body’s needless freak out when exposed to substances that pose no real threat.  Those swollen sinuses, that sneezing, runny nose, those itching and watery eyes are the physiological equivalent of Woody Allen thinking a headache is a brain tumor.

In trying to discover what causes allergies we’re met with a void of substantial information from conventional medicine.  Although no one knows with absolute certainty the reasons for them, the holistic approach would suggest that seasonal allergies come about because of a hypersensitive nervous system and a dysfunctional immune system. Any sub-optimal lifestyle—poor stress management, lack of rest, poor food choices, and regular exposure to toxins—can gradually create both a hypersensitive nervous system and a dysfunctional immune system in people who are already genetically susceptible.

Obviously we all love the immediate results provided by over-the-counter solutions but what these do for us long term is create a less healthy and less resilient immune system not to mention they do absolutely nothing for our life as a whole.  As with all holistic treatment, addressing allergies in this way can result in positive effects outside the mere relief of symptoms.  In addition to a healthy diet of whole foods, exercise, a full night’s sleep and a healthy meditation or spiritual practice, below are a few suggestions to tackle the allergy problem specifically.

1. Deep massage focusing on acupressure points related to the spleen, the large intestines and the liver

2. Vitamin D – 800 IU per day maximum

3. A high quality Probiotic (friendly intestinal bacteria).

4. Avoidance of all sources of MSG and Artificial Sweeteners.

5. A JUICE FAST to remove the toxins stored in your tissues, particularly from the insulating sheath that surrounds your nervous system.  Use the Healthy Juicer Electric for best results!

We love the blooming of Spring but we don’t always enjoy the consequences.

Be well,


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  • Janice

    Hey – I did a juice fast and it worked very well. It was temporary relief (about two months) so I did another. Seems to be working great. Anyone else have any feedback?

  • Danny

    Yup – I did the same deal (thanks JuicyJ). Worked for me as well and about the same time-frame…but I also found that the juice fast helped other problems I had (better sleep, better energy during the day) etc. Juicing is yum yum