Treat Your Skin Like a Hippie

Treat Your Skin Like a Hippie

Nobody warns you that adulthood comes with bad skin days, too. Maybe you’ve moved past those teenage mornings spent staring into your mom’s magnifying makeup mirror before school, poking at each inflamed pore, but breakouts still affect plenty of adults. Whether you’re struggling with serious acne or annoyed by the occasional hormonal flare-up, it never hurts to have a little hippie wisdom in your back pocket. Here are some tips for you to mull over, inspired by peace, love, and chilling out.

1. Give your skin a break, man.

Stop touching, stop picking, stop exfoliating, stop getting facials, stop wearing makeup–even if it’s just for a lazy weekend day. Acne does not like to be aggravated, and aggressive treatment methods tend to make things worse. Don’t hate on your skin–be gentle with it. Give it some space. Let it breathe.

2. Listen to your skin.

I have dry skin. Like, really dry skin. All the products in the Big Scary Acne Aisle at Walgreens–the benzyl peroxide creams, the scrubs, the oil-be-gone cleansers, the intensely drying masks–make my face feel like the Sahara Desert. Did this stop me from using them as a teenager? No. But honestly, once I listened to my skin (it was screaming something like “Water! Water!”), things got a million times better. What does your skin want? What makes it feel good? Essential oils? A warm washcloth? Hint: the answer is probably gentler than you think.

3. Don’t be afraid of oils…or a little dirt.

Your skin naturally produces oils, and that’s a good thing. Sebum, the oil on the surface of your skin, reduces water loss from the skin’s surface, protects your skin from bacteria and fungi, and keeps your skin moist. Stripping your skin of sebum is a bad idea, because your skin will just produce more–and more and more and more. And then you’ll break out. Instead, try using a mild, odorless, natural oil to moisturize your face after washing and keep your oil levels balanced. Recommendation: jojoba oil is particularly similar to the sebum we naturally produce. And if you wash your face well at night, you don’t need to wash it again (with a cleanser) in the morning–just splash with cold water. Need convincing? Salma Hayek doesn’t wash her face in the morning–and look at her!

4. Go au naturale.

If you use a juicer, you’re probably down with putting healthy things into your body. So why use nasty chemical-y products, full of fillers and inactive ingredients, on your precious skin? Seriously, make the leap into clean skincare–it’s revolutionizing people’s lives.

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