Top 10 Juices, Fruits, and Veggies To Help Alleviate Headaches

Recently, I have been experiencing headaches. The sensitivity to light starts mounting around mid afternoon, and by the dinner hour, it’s an official full blown headache.

After a few days of this recurrence and the subsequent retreat to bed, I decided to approach the problem naturally. I’ve become disheartened with popping mass amounts of over-the-counter pills.

Headaches can arise due to several factors. One of the most common triggers is over-tired eyes. Looking at a computer screen or television for extended periods of time tires the eyes out, resulting in what is referred to as overuse headaches.

Another reason for headaches affects those who wear contacts or glasses. If your eyes have changed, the headaches could be a sign that you need to update your prescription.

Another and more common culprit of headaches is dehydration. It’s amazing how many people are dehydrated without even knowing it – by the time you feel thirsty, the sign your body is giving to your brain that it needs fluids, you’re already partially dehydrated.

Drink juices with either active nutrients or sheer hydration factors

So my research, I’ve found several juices that declare to help alleviate symptoms of headaches in two ways: active nutrients and sheer hydration factor.

  • Grape Juice
  • Spinach Juice
  • Cucumber Juice
  • Lemon Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • Celery Juice
  • Tart Cherry Juice
  • Carrot Juice
  • Beet Juice
  • Warm Apple Juice

There are so many juice combinations that can be created with this list, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Carrot and Apple Juice
  • Orange, spinach and grape juice
  • Beet and Cherry juice

I’ve both enjoyed these juice combinations and found them to be helpful. By drinking water and fresh juice consistently throughout the day, I was able to stave of dehydration, which I’ve deduced was the culprit of my discomfort.

If you experience headaches, and have tried everything under the sun including resting your eyes periodically when working in front of screens, staying hydrated, and have an up to date ocular prescription, then maybe consider consulting with your physician as headaches can be a sign of  something more serious.

But in the interim, try your favorite juice recipe using the fruits and veggies above.

What do you to help alleviate your headaches? Post your comments below!


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  • Tom

    I find myself dehydrated all of the time, and I’ve tried (sort-of) to drink more fluids throughout the day. I drink coffee in the morning, and then before I know it, it’s 4pm, and I haven’t had a sip of anything all day! It’s terrible!

    I think the trick to keep hydrated if you have the same problem as me is to find something that you LOVE to drink…so that’s my next step!

  • Bianca Sasha

    Hydration is most certainly the trick. I alternate juice and water all day; it makes getting all my liquids in a delicious endeavor!