Tips for On the Go Health – “Eat Well While You Run From The Fire!”

I’d love to say that my first thought after getting the evacuation notice Monday was, better grab the wheatgrass juicer… but of course I’m not that advanced yet.  And somehow I put more importance on my Dad’s paintings and the photo albums.  Go figure… All kidding aside, it was quite a week down here in southern California and we want to extend our prayers and well wishes to the individuals and families that lost so much during this ordeal.  Obviously in a crisis the safety of our loved ones and the irreplaceable items we treasure take priority but, being suddenly forced of town for a few days gave me the opportunity to keep it healthy when on the road in a pinch.  It’s really not that hard if you have a little time to plan and several key items on hand.

Most would think that juicing on the road is impossible but that’s because so many people think of the big, heavy electric juicer that takes up a ton of space.  There are several light, portable and extremely functional manual juicers available like The Healthy Juicer by Lexen that work well for this type of situation and are so small they will fit nicely in any travel bag along with the rest of your prized possessions.  Because they are masticating juicers, they are perfect for wheatgrass and leafy greens but most are powerful enough to juice apples and carrots and whatever else your heart desires.  So even if wheatgrass is hard to come or you forgot to pack you’re fruits and veggies before you left, you can surely get your hands on something judicable and healthy.

Dried Fruits like figs, prunes, dates and even papaya, mango, apricot, and cranberries are all high in fiber which will keep the digestion rolling and something yummy like banana chips have almost a potato chip-like taste.  If you’re a do it yourself dehydrator you’ll probably already have some of these ready to go.

Raw fruits and vegetables in a cooler are essential not just for juicing but to snack on as you go.  Oranges, bananas, apples, grapes and any other unpeeled fruit will make great munchies as will baby carrots, celery or any sliced veggies.  Make sure you wash everything before you leave home and put anything sliced in a Ziploc or vacuum sealed bag.  It will preserve your snacks a little longer and will make it easier to eat while driving top speed through the inferno.

Food bars, food bars, food bars.  If you’re without them and you’re in need of a snack while gassing up you’ll end up with a half unwrapped Snickers hanging out of your mouth while you drive away… and then the guilt, the shame, the remorse.  It’s just not worth it.  Any health food store will have a plethora available (yeah, I’m thinking of Three Amigos too).  My favorites are made by Organic Food Bar.  There are tons of options, many are vegan and they are all USDA Organic certified.  (And we don’t even sell them so you know I’m not just a pitch man).

So that and several bottles of purified water will get you where you’re going.  Once you’re there lets hope you find a few healthy restaurants or a health food store because this articles long enough already.  Besides, I’ve gotta run…

Be well,

Juicy Josh

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