Tips for Making a Better Smoothie

Freeze Your Fruit: Bananas do better in a smoothie when they are frozen. Once ripened, throw those bananas in the freezer. To use them in your smoothies, just peel and chop them first. You can freeze any fresh fruit for a tasty smoothie treat later.

Order of Ingredients: Start with your liquids and then add in order:  frozen fruit, powders/tinctures/add-ins, ice, and then the fresh fruit. The ingredients blend better when ordered this way.

Less Liquid: even though beginning with liquids keeps the blender from getting clogged, keep the liquids you add to your smoothie to a minimal. Put enough in to keep the blending smooth, but not too much that your smoothie is soupy. Add more liquid at the end if the smoothie is too thick.

No Sugar Added: Fresh fruit and juices have natural sugars in them. Add the following for oversweet smoothies: pear, grape, apple, or pomegranate juice.  Or toss in a banana.  If you really have a sweet tooth, add agave or honey.

Some Healthy Smoothie Add-Ins:

  • Wheatgrass Juice: power-packed with nutrients, wheatgrass juice adds energy and a vibrancy to any smoothie. Use juice from fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried wheatgrass.
  • Supplements: add liquid and powdered health supplements that you’re taking. It is a fun way to get the extra benefits you need without having to choke down the inevitably bitter or sour tasting supplement. For example, I routinely add greens, iodine, and a sulfur supplement.
  • Probiotic Power: add in soy, goat milk, or cow’s milk plain yogurt for tang and probiotic goodness. Remember to use plain yogurt in your smoothies, as many flavored yogurts will add a ‘fake’ fruit flavor you don’t need. If yogurt isn’t to your taste, add in a powdered probiotic to enhance digestion.
  • Protein Powders: if you’re taking a protein powder anyway, add it to your smoothie to ease the consumption.
  • Bee Bounty: Add in some royal jelly or honey for a sweet twist!

Soy Milk / Citrus Fruit = Yuck: Soymilk doesn’t typically mix well with citrus. With soymilk, use berries, bananas, and sweet fruits.

Fresh Juice: If using juice in your smoothie, fresh-squeezed is better for both nutritional value and taste.

Add Pizazz: by blending a smoothie with Kombucha. Add fruit that enhances the flavor of your kombucha and don’t forget to add plenty of ice. Kombucha smoothies separate quickly, so drink it up as soon as it’s blended.

Go Organic: Organic fruit is the way to go since consuming smoothies is typically about flavor and health. Fruit are some of the most susceptible crops to pesticides and farming chemicals. Organic fruits have more flavor anyway.

Keep it Interesting: Play around with smoothie combinations and blend away the boredom. Try lemon-strawberry, banana-mango, ginger-lemon, tangerine-banana, grape-watermelon, and more. Combinations are endless—so experiment!

Smoothies add positive health benefits by providing vitamins and minerals and dietary fiber in a tasty treat. It’s a great way to start your day or give you an afternoon pick-me-up.  For maximum benefit, drink your smoothie right away. Of course, if you have some left over, just put it in the freezer for later or share it with me.

What are some of your favorite smoothie-tips? Let us know in a comment!

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