Three-Minute Trader Joe’s Green Smoothie (Made with a Vitamix Blender)

Sometimes, convenience is the #1 factor in a guy or gal’s decision-making process. You’ll join a gym–if it’s within a 5 block radius of your apartment. You’d totally go vegan–if you had a personal chef. And you only deep-clean your living space when someone you like is coming over–two birds with one stone, if you will.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with convenience. Sure, sometimes it’s a mask for laziness, but other times, an unwillingness to spend a lot of time on certain things just means you’re living a full life and focusing on your real priorities–right? Either way, the real benefit of convenience is that it helps you get the best of both worlds. A streamlined toiletry routine lets you spend more time with your morning coffee. Wearing a facial mask while you update your blog is just plain smart. And foods that are both healthy and quick help you to keep the bounce in your step without constantly slaving away in the kitchen.

Here’s where this lighting-fast green smoothie comes in. Absolutely every ingredient is pre-packaged from Trader Joe’s, and you can literally whip it up in minutes. Okay, so you’re not using dripping bunches of farm-fresh kale with rich black loam still clinging to their stems, but when you’re hustling so hard that you’re thinking about the $1 McDonald’s breakfast menu again, the sheer convenience factor of this smoothie just might sway you in the right direction.

Here’s what I used to make a nutrient-packed smoothie in about three minutes: *

  • pre-cut, bagged kale
  • bagged spinach
  • coconut milk
  • frozen pineapple
  • frozen mango
  • Trader Joe’s frozen Very Cherry Berry blend

I clearly used all Trader Joe’s brand ingredients, because I find them cheap and incredibly convenient. Of course, you can use whatever brand you want!

Toss the greens into a colander and give them a quick rinse. It’s hard to overstate how convenient that pre-cut kale is. Quality-wise, I probably wouldn’t use it in a salad (it’s a little dry), but it’s perfect for flinging into a green smoothie.

Pour in about a half cup of coconut milk (thick and creamy–great for smoothies) and a half cup of water. Blend up in your handy-dandy Vitamix blender.

I don’t want to start sounding like a salesgirl here, but I have yet to find a store with cheaper frozen fruit than Trader Joe’s–and the variety can’t be beat. The frozen mango chunks are my go-t0; they cost about $2 and sweeten up the most stubborn of greens.

Toss in frozen fruit according to how sweet and thick you want the smoothie. If blending gets tough, add more water or coconut milk.

Quickly rinse out your Vitamix blender. Pour the smoothie into fancy cocktail glasses… just because :)


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  • Roslyn

    All your recipes sound terrific but I personally would toss greens that are past their prime as the vitamins would not be anywhere near the value they were when the veggie was fresh. I also wish you would put more emphasis on the use of organic produce from the point of view of nutritional value, environmental value, and lack of carcinogenic chemicals involved in their production. “Cheap” is not necessarily the only reason to purchase a veggie. You also lose a lot of the nutritional value of your wonderful kale because it has been pre-cut before packaging.

    So, love the recipes but hate the ethics!