Three Delicious Veggie Cocktails

Three Delicious Veggie CocktailsHere on this blog, we do all sorts of things with vegetables: juice ‘em, blend ‘em, toss them with feta and balsamic and eat them on Italian terraces with a chilly glass of local white wine…

Sorry, started daydreaming for a second there. Since we’re all such huge fans of eating our daily veggies, how’s this for a twist on veggie consumption? VEGETABLE COCKTAILS. I’ll give you a second to process and then I’ll say it again: vegetable cocktails. Yes. You’re not dreaming. Nutritionally dense, subtly sweet, and totally buzz-worthy (pun intended)… hop on the bandwagon, because we’re not turning back.

1. Kale-Ginger Margarita (inspired by Jason Mendenhall of The Wayland)


1/2 oz. ginger-kale juice*
2 oz. tequila
1 oz. lime juice
agave to taste
salt for the glass rim

Rim your glass with salt. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and all other ingredients; shake well. Pour into glass and serve immediately

In your juicer, make as much kale-ginger juice as you need, depending on how many drinks you’re making. Just keep this ratio in mind: 2 parts ginger juice to 1 part kale juice.

2. Green Mimosas (inspired by RosieGlowWellness)

Make your favorite green juice, erring on the sweet side (RosieGlowWellness recommends kale, lime, cucumber, green grape, and celery). Fill a champagne flute halfway, top off with champagne. Perfect for lazy Saturday mornings.

3. Carrot-Pineapple Martini


2 carrots
1/2 cup pineapple
1 orange

Juice carrots, pineapple, and orange. For each cocktail, fill a shaker with ice and shake 4 oz. juice with 4 oz. vodka. Pour into a martini glass and drink up.

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of and copyright Free Range Stock,; photo by photographer Adamophoto


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