The Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Juicing.

At a family gift exchange nearly eight years ago, my sister-in-law whispered to me, “We brought an extra juicer that we got as a wedding present”. It was an insider tip that lit my eyes up.

I knew which gift I was going after. At the end of the evening, I walked out with a new juicer – for free!

My husband and I hadn’t juiced before, so he thought I was crazy for getting so excited about a gadget he thought we would never use. I knew I was going to have to build a strong case for why juicing is something we should mix into our life.

It took me way too long to talk my husband into juicing. And it was time wasted, because we love our juicing life! If you are wondering if juicing is for you, let me share with you what I told my husband.

My top 5 reasons why I Iove juicing

1) Fresh juice from our juicer saves us from extra sugar and other bogus ingredients that are added to many store bought juices.

Have you read the labels lately on your processed juice from the market? You might be shocked to see that sugar is one of the main ingredients, which will help you pack on those unwanted pounds. Or worse, your store bought juice might contain High Fructose Corn Syrup…or hardly any “juice” at all.

2) I introduce more vegetables into my diet.

The list of veggies that I happily eat is limited. My hubby is even pickier than I am. I know that the health benefits of fresh produce (cancer fighters, good for your heart, your lungs, your cholesterol, your blood pressure, your brain – need I go on?) far surpass other foods, so I know I should be eating more of them.

I don’t normally care for veggies like celery and cucumber, but mixed into a juice, I don’t even notice they’re there!

3) It cleans your blood.

OK, well juicing itself doesn’t clean your blood – it’s what you ADD to your juice that does. Produce that I wouldn’t normally eat, like beets, clean your blood. How cool is that?!

4) It gives your body’s digestion process a break. 

After a long, fun weekend, nothing makes my body happier than a juice on Monday morning. My body doesn’t need to work overtime, trying to process and break down my food. My system quickly absorbs the nutrients from the produce, and it doesn’t take long for my Monday morning sluggishness to wear off.

5) You get more nutrients out of eating your food “raw”.

Most vegetables lose their nutritional value as you cook them. With juicing you are retaining all of their vitamins, minerals and phytonutirents.

As an added bonus – Juicing is F-U-N!

My kiddos love to help me make fresh juice, or DIY juice pops! They eagerly pick out new produce at the market and then take turns helping me process their juicing creations. It’s been very educational and it’s good family bonding time!

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    Great post! Very true. Juicing is a natural way to stay healthy..