The TailGator – A little review of how it works, and how cool it is!

So today we asked the great people over at TailGator (the coolest gas-powered blender ever) to give us a little background on the machine that zooms away in football parking lots everywhere around this time.  Check out the TailGator Blender unit here.  It really is pretty cool!

So How Can the TailGator Benefit You?

The Product

There is simply nothing else on the market like it.  Sporting a 25cc, 2 1/4 hp, gas-powered engine, the TailGator’s combination of power, value and quality has no peer.  Each TailGator is assembled by hand (Made in the U.S.A.) with strict attention to detail.  All parts and accessories are made of the highest quality and customized for the TailGator.  It doesn’t have any of the restrictions associated with your average blender (i.e. need for electricity, grossly under-powered, cumbersome, lower quality craftsmanship, non-portable, etc.).  Let’s face it, it’s just super cool!


  • No Cord….No Limitations

Tired of being tethered to electrical outlets everywhere you go?  No problem.  Leave the extension cords and generators at home.  Take it to the backyard, the pool, the beach, on your next camping trip, on the boat, to sporting events, road trips, concerts, even to the in-laws.  The TailGator truly opens up a world of entertaining possibilities.  Take it anywhere, anytime!

  • 100% Portable

Complete freedom and mobility – no silly hand cranks, annoying power cords or clunky chargers to get in the way.  The optional carrying case even doubles as a backpack.  Now you can focus on your ultimate goal: To have as much fun as possible with friends and family at your next outdoor party!

  • Power to Handle All Your Blending Needs

The TailGator invented a class all its own – standard electric, hand crank, and charger-based blenders need not apply.  In fact, the aforementioned typically run for cover at the site of a TailGator.  When you’ve got a full day of outdoor festivities planned, the TailGator is a workhorse that’s guaranteed to stay standing, even when you’re not!

  • Instant Magnet for Attention

Whether you’re in a stadium parking lot, the infield of the Daytona 500, rockin’ out at a concert, enjoying the great outdoors, throwing the year’s best house party, or vacationing on the road, one rip of the starter cord and you’ll have the attention of everyone within a hundred yards.  The TailGator is guaranteed to draw a crowd and earn you some major kudos.

  • Ultimate Party Starter

Nothing says “Let’s get this party started” quite like the performance of whipping up a pitcher of your favorite frozen beverage with the TailGator.  Each time you fire it up for someone new, the reaction is always the same…first total disbelief, and then the belly-laughs.  Let the party come to you!

  • Extreme Versatility

Perfect for every conceivable outdoor activity: Tailgating, camping, hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, golfing, RV and road trips, a day at the races, concerts, the beach, picnics…you name it!  The TailGator is ideal for entertaining guests at home as well.  When you’re relaxing by the pool or have the neighbors over for a barbeque, the TailGator has you covered.

  • Blended Drinks and Eats On-Demand

Whether you’re serving up silky smooth margaritas, daiquiris for the ladies, fruit smoothies for the kids, homemade dips and salsas, or iced coffee in the morning after celebrating all night, entertaining your family, friends or corporate clients has never been this much fun.

  • Be the Envy of Every Outdoor Occasion

Are you ready for your own fan club?  Impress your friends and family, customers or colleagues.  If you’re looking for a product guaranteed to get you noticed and get people excited….look no further.  This 25cc mean, green blending machine has “Wow” written all over it!

Beyond the passionate tailgating community, the TailGator appeals to a wide spectrum of active, outdoor lifestyle groups: From campers, anglers, hunters, RVers and boaters to NASCAR fans, backyard chefs, golfers and sports enthusiasts….the list goes on.  If we were to sum up our demographic, it would have to be the “Good Living” market.  From all walks of life, around the world, the TG has been a trusted companion for many of their exciting adventures:

  • “I own a TailGator and have so much fun taking it to events.  A few months back it went golfing with me.  The greens keeper tracked down the noise and was relieved to know I was not cutting any trees down.  It was the hit of the golf tournament!”   – Karen, Portland, OR
  • “We’ve got a race coming up in November and all our friends and fans will be disappointed if we don’t show up with THE BLENDER. PS: Everybody LOVES my TailGator. I have used it at races, backyard cookouts, football tailgating, birthday parties, fly-ins, camping trips, kayaking trips, the 2006 Burning Man, one of my friends wedding ( it was more popular than the Bride and it has lasted longer than she did ). I actually use it as my ONLY household blender.”   – Mike, Phoenix, AZ

Here’s one of my personal favorites….

  • “During periods of downtime, US Navy ships sometimes have ‘Steel Beach Picnics’ on the flight decks.  This TailGator was smuggled on board (along with several gallons of virgin mix) during deployment, and several of the Officers provided cool liquid refreshment to the crew.  Because gasoline is strictly forbidden on ships (ships’ engines run on a form of diesel fuel), when the Captain asked what powered the Gator, I said with a wink (and while trying to keep a straight face) that it was powered by aircraft fuel!  We went through 2 1/2 gallons of mix in less than an hour!  Thanks for making such a great product!”   – Greg, Norfolk, VA

With the TailGator packed, its applications are honestly only limited by your creativity and imagination.

Blend on !!

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    That tailgator is awesome! I love the “powered by aircraft fuel” comment.