The Real Dirt on Juicing with Red Cabbage!

The other day I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, Dr. Oz, and in the closing segment the good Doctor was giving his top 10 tips to live a longer life. Most of them were no brainers, but one that I loved was “Eat Red Veggies!”

Dr. Oz added that one of his favorite red vegetables was Red Cabbage. And that got me thinking of some new juicing recipes!

The Beauty of Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage is an affordable vegetable that has a great amount of water, which means it’s perfect for juicing! Just like its red friend the beet, its best consumed on an empty stomach and is more easily digested raw vs. cooked.

It’s nutritionally packed with vitamin A, U, C, B-6, K, and E, folic acid and dietary fiber. Plus chlorine, calcium, potassium, iron, sulphur, and iodine. (Did you know that once your bones start to lose their density, there is nothing calcium can do to help them? Iodine is actually the nutrient that can restore bone health at this point and most diets don’t include nearly enough of it!)

For those of you who experience tummy issues, including colitis, IBS, and ulcers, red cabbage comes to your rescue thanks to the amino acid called glutamine. Cabbage also has a mild laxative effect, so it’s helpful to those who suffer from constipation.

Fair warning though, you may experience a little extra gas and/or mild cramping in your intestines due to the sulphur content in cabbage. If you become too uncomfortable, simply reduce your red cabbage intake.

Red cabbage is also used for allergies, asthma and is known for its help in supporting your immune system. It is a natural way to help clear up your skin and aide with hair loss.

With cancer knocking on almost everyone’s door, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that red cabbage contains cancer fighting antioxidants! Red cabbage also helps regulate your Thyroid!

According to Food Science and Technology, red cabbage protects against Alzheimer’s disease.

Red Cabbage counts as a “green” for your green juice!

Our daily green juice does our body good, so it’s nice to know that red cabbage gives us the benefits of the “green” in addition to the “red”. It has a slightly bitter/earthy taste, so it’s best paired with a sweet companion, like carrots or an apple.

Jazz it up!

  • 6 carrots
  • 2 apples
  • 1 small wedge red cabbage
  • 1 inch ginger

Wash all produce. Cut the tops off of the carrots. Remove the stem and seeds from your apples. Juice and enjoy!

The 3 C’s (carrots, celery, cabbage)

  • 3-4 carrots
  • 2-3 stalks of celery
  • I small wedge of red cabbage

Wash all produce. Cut the tops off of the carrots and celery. Juice and enjoy!

Purple Passion Juice

  • 2 cups red grapes
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • ½ red cabbage
  • 4 celery stalks
  • 8oz of sparkling water (or filtered water)

Wash all produce. Juice. Mix juice with sparkling water in a pitcher (do NOT put water through juicer!) Makes 2 servings.

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  • Betsy Finstad

    I just made this one, “Jazz It Up!” (at the top of the list of recipes), and I would modify it this way: only 1 apple and maybe 3 carrots. Way too sweet and it made a LOT of juice. Way too much for one person! It has a very strange taste. Not bad exactly, but unlike any of the other juices I have tried. thank you for the ideas, I am looking forward to trying the next one on the list :)

  • lul