The Other Side of Wheatgrass – Secret Health Benefits Dispelled!

The benefits of ingesting wheatgrass are long and storied, all of which range from cleansing the blood and fighting infection, to helping to surpress the appetite. But ingesting wheatgrass is just one of the many ways to benefit from this amazing sprout. When used topically – either the juice or the pulp – wheatgrass has many lesser known benefits for the body. Here are some we discovered:

  • Using wheatgrass in equal parts with water in a Neti pot helps to cleanse and detoxify the nasal passages. When hit with congestion, use the concoction to ward off further infection.
  • To calm a sore throat, gargle water with 1 oz of wheatgrass. The blend will help to soothe, disinfect and reduce swelling in the inflamed areas.
  • Using the pulp of wheatgrass on sunburned skin, athlete’s foot, rashes, cuts, burns, poison ivy and insect bites, will help to reduce redness, swelling and irritation of the infected areas.
  • To alleviate symptoms of a dry, itchy and irritated scalp, gently massage wheatgrass pulp into the scalp. Cover you hair with a shower cap and let the mixture soak for 10 minutes, and afterwards rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process up to 3 times weekly, and you’re likely to see improvements.
  • Wheatgrass consumption isn’t only for humans! Pets can also benefit from the addition of wheatgrass into their diet. For a sick pet, use an eye dropper and administer a ½ oz of wheatgrass juice orally two times daily just 30 minutes prior to feeding. For a healthy pet, as a means of prevention, finely chop the wheatgrass pulp and add it to their food 3 times weekly. The addition of wheatgrass in your pet’s diet can help eliminate issues with the gums, teeth, urination and digestion. As a caveat, be careful where you administer the drops, because wheatgrass will stain your carpet.

For those still on the fence as to whether wheatgrass is for them, these well-kept secrets of the power behind the plant is proof that wheatgrass is not only amazing for the body when ingested, but also a wonderful complement to your overall health, inside and out.

Photo credit: Secret Gardening


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