The Lexen Healthy Juicer Manual. Quiet and So Much More!

I get many calls about how you guys can’t afford a wheatgrass juicer PLUS a juicer to juice your greens.  And I always suggest the Lexen Manual Healthy Juicer.  When I was at Hippocrates visting my brother Michael, we decided to do a test with two popular juicers.  The Healthy Juicer Manual won out every time for amount of juice, ease and clean up.  Check out our experiment on my brother’s website

This Lexen juicer is the ultimate for wheatgrass juicing.  Let’s talk about putting it together.  Even I didn’t have to read the directions.  My partner’s 4 year old was putting it together for her and actually doing the juicing.  Because of the ease of putting it together, there’s also the ease of taking it apart.  Not a lot of parts and so easy to clean.  Rinse and dry.  And durable.  Did I say a 4 year old was putting it together?  And with that, it did fall on the floor a few times.  No worries.  This makes it the perfect traveling companion.  So many of us find it hard to stay healthy on the road.  But it is easy to find lettuce and veggies on the road.  The Lexen Manual Healthy Juicer is small, compact, light weight and very easy to take with you. 

Now let’s juice some wheatgrass and greens.  The wheatgrass pulp never has to be put through a second time.  This juicer will get the most amount of juice out of each run through.  Don’t forget to use the pulp for other things.  Greens? I like spinach the best. Kale, collards, chard, are all great too.  If your blender doesn’t whip greens to juice, use the manual juicer for your greens and put your fruit through your blender or your juicer, then mix.  This juicer is affordable, remember?  Quiet too?  Yes.  You can juice in the morning and not wake up the rest of the family.  How many times have you had your daughter complain that the juicer woke her up? Oh….that’s me. 

Simple, easy to use, easy to clean, great juice.  Have I convinced you yet?  Stop spending your money buying expensive prepared juice.  You can juice your own.   Start saving money and start eating and drinking healthier.  This is a great first step juicer to buy.  Take your first step.  This is the beginning of your new life.  This is the day.  

Today I wish you strength on your first step.  And if you’ve already made your first step, then I congratulate you.  Help someone else make their first step.

Donna Bergonzi-Boyle

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