The Juicing Power of Ginger!

The juicing power of ginger!

During my pregnancies, I didn’t have Morning Sickness – I had All Day Sickness that lasted the entire nine months.  There wasn’t much that would bring me relief, so I was willing to try anything and everything. This is when I discovered a little root called ginger.

You can find ginger root at your local supermarket or specialty store. It typically costs about $1.99 a pound and will survive for up to 3 weeks if stored in a plastic bag in your refrigerator.

To relive my nausea, I’d peel the root and slice a one inch chunk into 15 pieces, then boil the chunks in water for 30 minutes, and viola! I had a tea that settles the tummy. Little did I know that the power in ginger was oh so much more than it’s awesome soothing abilities.

What else can ginger do for you?

  •  In addition to helping with nausea, ginger also relives bloating and gas!
  •  Ginger contains antioxidants and phytochemicals. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory that helps arthritis, asthma, and even migraines.
  • In the battle against heart disease, it prevents cholesterol from oxidizing and lowers your LDL (lousy) cholesterol. Ginger also lowers your triglycerides, which are important as a mechanism for storing your unused calories.
  • Ginger helps prevent blood clots, which then lowers your risk of stroke and heart attack.
  •  In the home, ginger is used to treat coughs, colds, and congestion. Ginger also acts as an antihistamine to help with allergies.
  •  Ginger juice can also be used on snake bites. As a natural pain killer it provides immediate relief for tooth aches and minor burns!
  •  The University of Minnesota conducted a study that found ginger may slow the growth of colorectal cancer cells (colon cancer).
  •  A study conducted at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center found that when ginger powder was applied to ovarian cancer cells it induced cell death.
  •  Heartburn sufferers can find relief in the root. It also helps protect against ulcers and gall stones.
  •  And ladies…ginger can help with those awful menstrual cramps!

Impressive, right? My husband calls it the miracle spice!

Juicing with ginger!

Ginger can be added to almost all your favorite juicing recipes! The daily recommendation is 5g, so I usually use recipes that call for 1 inch of ginger.

Kick start your morning with this simple recipe (pictured above):

  • 8 medium Carrots
  • 3 Apples
  • 1 inch of Ginger

Remember to wash your fruits and veggies before juicing, especially fruits that have a wax coating – like apples. The ginger adds a nice finish to the juice and you’ll find yourself with a boost of energy!

Here is a yummy recipe that will also get you going. Literally.

  • 3 medium Apples
  • 3 large Pears
  • 1 inch of ginger

This recipe is a mild laxative, so it’s great for regulating bowel movements.

For a sweet green juice, try this:

  •  1 cucumber
  •  1 carrot
  •  1 green apple
  •  1/4 cup parsley
  •  1/4 cup mint
  •  1 stalk of celery
  • 1/2 inch ginger
  • 1/2 lemon (peeled)

Cucumber is great for your skin and the celery is a natural diuretic, helping with the unwanted water weight!

What is your favorite Ginger juicing recipe?

Tell us in the comments below!



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  • Drew

    KILLER RECIPES!! LOVE IT!!!! Ginger has always kind of been ‘too much’ for me to handle – but I think with these recipes I could do it. Trying tomorrow morning :-)

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