The Cure For Splitting Nails

In the name of vanity, I decided to get gel nails. An esthetician friend of mine starting doing colored gel nails out of her home, and having loved getting my nails done, I was hooked.  Honestly, the last time I had my nails bare was in 2001. So, of course I jumped at the chance to get colored nails that remain chip free for two weeks. I didn’t ask any questions. Fast forward two weeks and I’m soaking my nails in acetone and scraping the nail color off. As you might well imagine, my nails were ruined; and I was completely crushed.

But I was determined to grow my nails as fast as possible – splitting nails are unsightly at the best of times, but this is summer, and therefore the time for bright nail color and sassy outfits. I started by Googling any kind of remedy – including cuticle oils, hand moisturizers and special gloves. But I was more interested in a cure from the inside out.

Then I researched for ingredients that are purported to offer the full vitamin and mineral spectrum needed to grow nails fast. I came across this carrot juice recipe that is high in vitamin A, zinc, iron and calcium, which are all said to contribute to the growth of healthy nails.

So I went all in. Two times a day I would have 1 cup of this juice; shaken on ice. You know, it wasn’t half bad either. The carrots offer a sweetness that stands up to the “green” flavors in the broccoli, spinach and kale.

Two weeks later and my nails feel great. They feel tougher and more resilient to bumps and stubs, and the splitting has ceased. In light of the marked improvement of my nails, I’ve decided to stick with this plan for another week, at which point my nails should be completely back to normal.

Cure for Split Nails

  • 12 big garden carrots
  • 1 bunch kale
  • 1 head broccoli
  • 1 bunch spinach

Juice the vegetables according to your juicer. Shake over ice and enjoy!


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