The Blender Wars

The Blender WarsThere’s a war going on right now and it has nothing to do with race or religion; oh no, it has to do with blenders. If you are new to the world of smoothies and blending, then you are likely none the wiser about the blender wars, so allow me to explain.

When it comes to blending there are two big dogs on the block: Blendtec and Vitamix, each with their own tribe of evangelists.

The Vitamix 5200 has long been considered the king of blenders, boasting 120 volts of power, that comes complete with a lifetime warranty; those who love their Vitamixes LOVE them. From nut milk, to juices to smoothies and everything in between, the Vitamix is built to last while never losing its power. However, the downside to the Vitamix is the price; if you go into your local Williams Sonoma or Bed Bath and Beyond, a Vitamix will run you close to $700. Before your eyes bulge out of your head with sticker shock, has them for almost half the price at $449. Not bad.

The Blender WarsAlthough Blendtec often plays second fiddle, it should not be overlooked; with a 1500 watt motor, a Blendtec unit can handle almost anything you want to blend. In fact, the smart people at Blendtec ran a campaign called “Will It Blend”, where they threw any and everything into a Blendtec to see what would blend. Not only did they create buzz around the brand, but they proved it can stand up to the mighty Vitamix. The price of a Blendtec is pretty consistent, meaning whether online or in store they generally run about $450; and on they are sold for $434.

Although spending upward of $450 for a blender might seem positively banal, you will own this blender for years and years to come. So are you ready to join the fight?

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