The Anatomy Of A Detox ~ Why?

The Anatomy Of A Detox ~ Why?

I was always a very inquisitive child. Whenever my mother would say “Don’t!” I would say “Why?” It was my default answer. Looking back to the beginning of my latest series in which I outlined all the things you should not to eat during a cleanse, I realized I didn’t tell you why.

The point of cleansing is to get back to basics with meals made with purifying fruits and vegetables that serve to power our bodies and minds, giving our systems a rest from processed foods and common allergens. That allows us to be more in touch with our bodies and gets our liver, the detoxifying organ, a chance to recoup.

Processed foods and beverages

This seems to go without saying, but while cleansing, and in everyday life, we should endeavor to stay away from processed anything. These ingredients and additives make our bodies work harder to do the same job.

Added sugar

Sugar contributes to weight gain, hormone disruption and dental issues – no matter how you slice, it sugar is bad. It’s processed and has zero nutrients, yet manages to contribute to weight gain. Doctors have even concluded that it may be as addictive as drugs. Between excess weight, inflammation and a hoard of other issues, the case is strong to stay away from sugar.


Even if you don’t have an intolerance, you can benefit from giving it up. To combat issues of sluggishness, digestion and inflammation, try almond or brown rice milk.


Celiac disease is quickly becoming a very common ailment, but for those of us that just feel bloated, fatigued or moody, it may be due to a small intolerance. This protein found in wheat, barley and rye could be to blame for those kinds of upsets. If this sounds like you, give gluten a break and see how you feel.


This one will be a challenge for most to give up – however, caffeine is false energy that can lead to a masking of a lack of sleep, poor food choices or a highly acidic intake. Caffeine can also manifest negatively as a digestive issue, which can impede the cleansing process.


I mean, we all know that alcohol isn’t good for us, right? Yes, there are key antioxidants found in red wine, but the amount we drink often exceeds the amount that we need. Booze messes with metabolism and is completely devoid when it comes to calories. So if you find you’re lacking sleep or feeling sluggish, stop making your liver work overtime and take a break from the sauce.

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