The Anatomy Of A Detox ~ Lunch

The other day, I covered the details of what to eat for breakfast while cleansing, so today I want to cover lunch. Lunch is a crucial time – usually we’re at work or out and about, or otherwise needing the use of our brains.

So it is essential that we give ourselves the fuel required to perform our daily duties, while still being able to cleanse our bodies – we’ve all had ‘diet brain’, and it’s no fun.

One of the reasons that most cleansers fail out of the gate is because by the time lunch rolls around our resolve is weakened. We’re flat out hungry by at that point. But there are ways to cleanse our bodies without the feeling hungry or weak.

Fiber is so important during a cleanse because it allows us to feel full while still staying within our boundaries. There are a variety of fibers that are good for a cleanse, including bulgur, quinoa, millet and barley. Taking care to make sure that we have enough fiber in our diets while cleansing will ensure that we don’t get hungry, thus we reduce the cravings!

Another reason why cleansers fail out of the gate is a lack of planning. On Sundays, I like to prepare meals and little fixins’ for the whole week ahead so that there’s never a time where I find myself wondering what to cook for lunch or dinner. I like to have a variety of soup when I’m cleansing because they’re easy to prepare in large batches and they’re super healthy and filling!

One of my favorite go to cleanse soup recipes is made with carrots. I simply juice a pound of carrots, then heat the pulp, the juice and quinoa altogether. I refrigerate it and have it as a go-to lunch – it’s filling and surprisingly delicious, and keeps me going throughout the whole day.

A new product on the market that is rather that is excellent for cleansing is kombucha. This fermented tea contains more probiotics than Greek yogurt and has the natural sweetness and effervescent that makes it feel like a treat. It also helps incredibly with helping our digestion do what it needs to do (be prepared for a lot of bathroom trips during a cleanse!)

Kombucha is a nice addition, and helps get us going without the need for dairy.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention water. Water is important every single day of our lives, especially while cleansing. Our bodies are composed of over 50% water and we need it to carry out even the most basic of tasks. Sometimes thirst manifest itself as hunger, so be sure to drink at least 2 liters of water a day while attempting any type of cleanse or detox.

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