Tart Cherry Juice And Exercise Recovery

Every December, I (along with almost every other North American) set off on a course of Christmas indulgence. But this year, I’ve decided to take a different approach.

Yes, I still plan on having as many cookies, cakes and eggnog and I desire – but I will also undertake a strength training initiative to try and counter act all my planned indulgent behavior.

Strength training is one of the best types of fitness a person can do, because even when the workout has long been completed, the body continues to burn calories. It’s perfect! I can weight lift in the day time, and enjoy my many Christmas parties during the evening with peace of mind knowing that while I down my cranberry fizz, my body is still hard at work.

Workout recovery and juice

But with any strength training comes the possibility of injury. So even though my regime is still in its infancy, I’ve already begun to think about rest and recovery. In weight training, rest is equally as important as the exercise itself – which of course got me thinking, “what juices will help my muscles recover faster?”

Recent studies have shown the juice from Montmorency cherries, a tart, bright red variety, may boost the recovery of muscle strength after intensive exercise. The benefits of the juice are reportedly related to its antioxidant activity, which may help reverse the oxidative damage induced exercise.

In this particular study, consumption of the juice prior to and after intensive exercise produced a significantly faster recovery time.

Daily consumption of as little 45 cherries could reduce the concentration of inflammation. The researchers propsose that the flavonoids and anthocyanins in the cherries exert an anti-inflammatory effect that may lessen the damage response to exercise, which loosely translates to less soreness for me!

Researchers also found that people with arthritic diseases such as osteoarthritis benefit from consuming tart cherry juice, as it offers mild relief from pain associated with the condition.

It’s safe to say the benefits of drinking tart cherry juice provides a wide range of health benefits, from improving muscle recovery to reducing inflammation in the body. And for all of us, from the newbie strength trainer to someone dealing with an arthritic condition, tart cherry juice has something to offer!

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