A Juicer’s Field Guide: Super Juice by Michael Van Straten

I have to tell you something about me. I love cookbooks, and consequently I have spent a lot of time in bookstores. It isn’t at all uncommon for me spend a whole afternoon browsing the bookstore from magazines to reference books, and always finishing in the cookbook section.

In fact, I love all books, but I love recipe books in particular. I find the tactile nature of recipe books to be the best part about them. Being able to flip through the pages and run my hands over them is nothing short of amazing.

One of my more recent purchases was the juicing book Super Juice by Michael Van Straten – a well respected naturopath, osteopath, acupuncturist and nutritional consultant. Immediately, I liked it.

Super Juice manages to balance the sometimes complicated and wordy nutritional information in the book with a “to the point” writing style, making it an easy read. The organization and design is also to be commended. It’s brightly colored pages draw you through toward the end, and the chapters are organized into sub-subject like as Vitality juices, Protective juices, Aphrodisiac juices, and more.

Super Juice also features a guide on how to use this book effectively and offers a practical guide to juicing, which helps in making juicing more approachable for beginners and pros alike.

As a cook, I enjoyed the wide range of ingredients utilized in the Super Juice recipes, however, because the book suggests some slightly uncommon ingredients, it may be slightly difficult to source them. My remedy to this problem is to simply swap ingredients out based on seasonal variation. Aside from that, I find this book to be a winner for all juice lovers. It’s easy to read, informative, and concise, and the fabulous recipes make this book a buy.

Super Juice by Michael Von Straten

“This complete guide to juicing provides over 100 simple recipes using fresh fruits and vegetables. The author has designed recipes to boost mental and physical energy, alleviate stress, ward off disease, and delay the aging process. He provides information on which vitamins and minerals are contained in all of the fruits and vegetables used in the recipes. He also gives an easy-to-use directory of common ailments and the drinks you use to treat them.

About the Author: Michael van Straten is a leading expert in the field of complementary medicine. He is a leading osteopath, naturopath, acupuncturist, and nutritional consultant. Van Straten is the alternative health editor for Woman magazine, and writes regular features for The Daily Express and other newspapers.”

Super Juice Table of Contents:

How to Use this Book
Power Juices
Cleansing Juices
Vitality Juices
Aphrodisiac Juices
Pick-me-up Juices
Protective Juices
Booze Juices
Shakes and Smoothies
Healing Juices
The Natural Pharmacy
Drink Yourself Better Tables
Detox Juice Diet
Juicing: a practical guide
Index and Acknowledgements

Grab your copy today!

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