Super Cheap Green Juice (March Edition)

Super Cheap Green Juice (March Edition)

If you’re still waiting on your tax refund (or if you owed the government this year–bummer), here’s a juice recipe that goes easy on your wallet by taking advantage of seasonal produce.

Today is the first official day of spring, and this means mild greens are peeking out of the ground (and showing up at farmer’s markets). March is a great month for spinach and arugula, as well as a personal favorite stalk of mine: rhubarb. Citrus is still cheap as we move out of the winter months, so this juice takes advantage of an orange or two, since they pair really nicely with rhubarb. And carrots are cheap this week, for whatever reason, according to the National Fruit and Vegetable Report, so toss a few of those through your juicer, too.

Orange-Rhubarb Green Juice (Super Cheap!)

1 orange
2 carrots
generous handful spinach or arugula
1 stalk rhubarb

Run all ingredients through the juicer, saving the rhubarb for last, since it’s extremely fibrous.

Remember, our goal is to juice once a day at under $2 a glass. It’s hard to say how much this will cost you as an individual, since prices per region vary so widely, but here’s a loose set of guidelines: look for 7 oranges for less than $5, 2 bags of carrots for about $2/bag, a bag of greens for less than $3, and rhubarb for $0.50/stalk. Feel free to adjust the recipe based your local sales. Got it?

Here’s your grocery list for a week of Orange-Rhubarb Green Juice:

7 oranges
14 carrots
1 bag spinach or arugula
7 stalks rhubarb

Note: if it’s still too early for rhubarb where you live, replace with celery.

photo attribute: Henrik Pelsen

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