Super Cheap Green Juice (April Edition)

Super Cheap Green Juice (April Edition)We’re midway through April! Farmers’ markets are revving up, more and more green (and red and yellow and purple) things are sprouting from the ground, and you can finally start to think about throwing together a decent salad. This month’s super cheap green juice is based on what’s cheap in Indiana (where I’m currently located), but feel more than free to tweak the recipe depending on what’s extra cheap in your region, using this handy state guide to local and seasonal foods.

This juice features spring lettuces (whatever’s cheap and fresh at the grocery store), plus two oddities that might not seem to be in any way related: asparagus and pineapple.

Asparagus is on sale this entire month, so when you’re not grilling it, sauteing it, and eating it raw with a little lemon and Parmesan, try flinging it through the juicer. As long as you balance it out with some sweeter components, you won’t feel like you’re drinking a glass of pure asparagus-ness. And juicing asparagus is great for reasons other than penny-pinching: it’s a natural diuretic, good for your kidneys, and beneficial for anemics and diabetics.

Pineapple is super cheap around and after Easter, and if you’ve never juiced a pineapple, omg it’s delicious. Some of its many benefits: it’s great at fighting off colds, good for the eyes and gums, anti-inflammatory, good for digestion, and full of vitamin A, vitamin C,  calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Buy 2 pineapples (they’re $2.50 each here in Indiana), slice off the tough outer rinds, and juice them all week long.

Pineapple-Asparagus Juice for April

1/4-1/3 of a fresh pineapple
1-2 stalks asparagus
several big handfuls of spring lettuce (a.k.a. whatever greens are cheap at the grocery store)
3 carrots
1 lemon

Push the lettuce through with the carrots and asparagus. Juice the rest in any order–pineapple is super easy to juice. Run the pulp back through the juicer to extract maximum juice, since pineapple pulp tends to have a lot of juice left in it.

Grocery list

2 pineapples ($5 for me)
1 bunch asparagus ($1.50 for me)
1 bag/bunch lettuce (~$3 for me)
2-3 bags carrots, or 21 loose carrots ($4-$5 for me)
7 lemons ($3 for 1 bag, for me)

TOTAL: $19, or $2.5/glass for one week of juice. Not free, but not bad, either! To keep this closer to $2/glass, which was our original goal, use half a lemon instead of a whole.

photo attribute: Anna H-G


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