Super Charge Your Smoothies With Hemp Seeds

When people hear the word hemp, thoughts of illegal substance association proliferated by Cheech and Chong run through their minds, but stay with me here. Hemp seeds are the newest energy super food to hit the market.

These tasty seeds are full of protein, iron, zinc and magnesium, which make them not only healthy but a wonderfully filling addition to your morning smoothie.

So why are they super? And, more importantly, why should you be eating them?

First, you should eat them because of the aforementioned zinc, iron, protein and magnesium this little seed boasts, which all provide amazing benefits for the body.

  • Zinc is essential for immune function, helping to battle everything from the common cold to serious afflictions such as auto-immune disorders. And with winter around the corner, anything that can boost your immunity levels should be in your health arsenal.
  • Iron is needed to transport oxygen to our cells; without it you’ll feel tired and listless – just ask anyone with anemia, a common but not harmful iron deficiency disorder.
  • Magnesium is integral to the metabolization of carbohydrates, which is key for any weight loss or weight maintenance program.
  • Finally, being that this little seed has almost 3 grams of protein per serving, adding it to your morning smoothie will have you coasting all the way through to lunchtime without the stomach grumbles and cravings that plagues so many of my days.

More about hemp as a health superfood

Hemp seeds lend themselves well to any weight loss plan because they are a whole food, containing essential fatty acids (EFA’s), protein, fiber, carbohydrates, natural vitamins and minerals, but no cholesterol. Also because of the many nutrients they provide, hemp seeds will leave you feeling full and satiated, and therefore less likely to fall prey to snack temptation.

And as if that wasn’t enough evidence of the prowess that is the hemp seeds, I must conclude with a nod to the vegetarians reading. Since hemp seeds are a complete protein, they’re perfect for a vegetarian diet.

There are very few foods that are complete proteins, which can make vegetarianism rather hard to adopt and maintain. But with hemp seeds, vegetarians can rest assured they aren’t missing out on the all-important protein.

Hemp seeds are amazing, and they should be a part of your life. They are available in all major grocery and health food stores, so get some into your life!

Do you consume hemp seeds? Got any tips/recipes you would like to share? Comment below!

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