Stop What You Are Doing!

Whether you are sitting in front of your computer looking for a job like me, or sitting in front of your computer doing your job, read on for some much needed stress relief.  I’m in Vermont and I just had to turn the heat on.  My mouse hand was freezing.  Whatever you are doing right now, thanks for taking the time to read my latest blog. 

All of us are under some sort of stress.  We can’t know peace without chaos.  Let’s start with a deep breath.  Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth letting out a big sigh.  One more time and let your shoulders drop away from your ears.  Press your sit bones (the sharp bones that hurt when you ride your bike too much) into your chair and lengthen up through your spine and the top of your head.  Tuck your tailbone down and under while doing this.  Squeeze your shoulder blades and draw them together and down your back.  Keep breathing. 

Draw your arms out in front of you, circle your wrists in both directions.  Slow circles.  Interlace your fingers and turn your hands outward and stretch your arms and drop your shoulders.  On the inhale, bring your arms up over your head.  On the exhale, release your hands and drop your arms to your side.  One more time.  As you exhale, let out a long sigh. 

Sit at the edge of your chair.  Hold the arms and on the inhale, open your heart and slowly arch your back, lifting your head and lengthening your throat.  On the exhale, tuck your tailbone, start to round your back and tuck your chin into your chest and lengthen the back of your neck.  Two more times and don’t forget to sigh on the exhale.  Go ahead, no one is watching you.

While still holding your chair, start to twist your torso to the right, allowing your gaze to follow your body.  Take your eyes even further than your torso.  Hold and breathe.  Go to the other side slowly, breathe and hold.

Back to face the front and open your eyes wide.  Move them clockwise and then counterclockwise.  Rub your hands briskly until you feel heat.  Place your palms on your eyes and breathe.  OK?  Take the time at least once an hour to do one or more of these relaxation and stretching techniques.  And don’t forget to breathe.

On to the emotional side of our life that has such a huge impact on our physical health.  Some things we believe about ourselves or our situations are just old childhood patterns.  Just as the things we chose to eat as a child may no longer “nourish” us, so are some of the thoughts we had as children no longer serving us.  Take a moment to actually “hear” what you are thinking about.  Each moment is a new beginning.  Each thought is shaping your life right now.

It’s the perfect day to start to take better care of ourselves, emotionally and physically.  Yoga, meditation, eating healthier, having healthy thoughts; all ways to start your transformation. 

Here’s to all of you who are SURVIVORS of the economy.  This following is from Louise Hay:

“I am totally open and receptive to a wonderful new position, one that uses all my talents and abilities, and allows me to express creatively in ways that are fulfilling to me.  I work with and for people whom I love, and who love me and respect me, in a wonderful location and earning good money.”

I’m putting that one up on my computer!

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