Staples To Have On Hand For Your Living(Raw)Food Lifestyle

Staple, a basic dietary item.  In my life, it’s not flour, rice or corn, it’s almonds, dates, a sprout bag (ok, that’s not food) and some sort of frozen fruit.  As long as I have these few items, I can eat for a day or more.   Of course, I have more than that in my kitchen, but I always have these items on hand and here are some great recipes for you to make with these items. 

Nut Milk

–Two cups water in your blender—-I use the Vitamix.  The BlendTec works well also.   I like my pulp as smooth as I can get it.

–One cup Raw almonds–they say raw almonds are getting hard to find.  I still can find them in my local health food store.  I actually just found them in a big box store, though they were not organic.

Put ingredients in your blender and blend until milky white and the almonds are well ground.  Squeeze through a nut milk/sprouting bag into a container.  The pulp can be stored in a separate container for up to a week in your fridge.  I will use the milk the same day or one day later.  Since this is fresh nut milk, it won’t last long in your fridge.  But this is easy enough to make every day.  You can add more nuts and water or less nuts and water, depending on how much you want that day. 

Here’s what you can do with the milk and pulp.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Idea number 1:   Cereal–2 tablespoons nut pulp.  That’s all I can have since too many nuts tend to upset my stomach.  Add cut up banana, cinnamon, agave or honey, soaked raisins(these are quick, one hour or more), and any other fruit you have on hand or that you would like.  I let the mixture set for a bit.  This lets the honey absorb and makes it the consistency of oatmeal.  Enjoy for any meal.  Serve room temperature.

Idea number 2:  All of the above plus add some cold nut milk.

Idea number 3:  Nut pulp, finely diced apple, soaked raisins, cinnamon and honey/agave to taste.  This is a great treat for the kids too!   I just made this! 

Idea number 4:  Raw Chocolate Milkshake–2 cups nut milk. 1 Tablespoon raw cacao.  1 half frozen banana.  4 soaked dates(dates you can soak for a couple of hours or overnight).  1 Tablespoon agave or honey(optional).  Place all ingredients in your Vitamix or blender of choice.  Blend until smooth.  Alternative ingredients to add into your shake: Soaked walnuts, blueberries, strawberries, coconut.  Won’t the kids love a chocolate milkshake that’s HEALTHY!

What great ideas.  Easy is my middle name.  If I had a bigger kitchen with more counter space, I’d definitely purchase a dehydrater.  But as you can see, with many staple ingredients that last on the shelf or in the fridge/freezer forever, you can make raw, healthy meals and treats in no time at all.  And the best part?  I made up these dishes.  I didn’t follow any specific recipe.  It’s what I’ve come to enjoy and when I figured out the tastes I liked and what my stomach could handle, the rest was cake!  I mean, easy!  Yes, I still love cake.  I cannot deny that fact.  Is it anyones birthday this week? 

Have a great time experimenting with your food.  I wish you this week…ease of preparing your meals and snacks and healthy digesting.

Donna Bergonzi-Boyle


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