Spring Decluttering Tips, Part 2

Spring Decluttering Tips, Part 2Mo’ money, mo’ clutter! Welcome back to another round of decluttering tips that will help you cut down on junk, organize your favorite things in cute containers, and make it from the front door to the kitchen without tripping on a million and one fire hazards/roller skates.

Missed round 1? Catch up here.

5. Pledge to give things away.

If you’re anything like most Americans, you probably have an inner pack rat. Set yourself a goal–”I’m going to get rid of 10% of my stuff” or “I’m going to toss anything I haven’t used in a year” or “It’s time for my 80′s prom dress collection to find a better home”–and stick to it.

6. Then give things away, correctly.

There are many ways of getting rid of things besides shoving everything in the trash can (boo, not eco-friendly at all). Sell valuable things on eBay or host a neighborhood yard sale to make some extra cash. Donate to your local thrift store (so easy, so good for the karma bank!). Set unwanted furniture and large items out on the curb–someone will come by and snag them. Check out freecycle.org, a site where people give things away for free (I scored a vacuum cleaner and an iron back in my Freecycle days)! Regift.

7. Do one room at a time.

Forgot to mention this in my last post. For the love of the Container Store, don’t overwhelm yourself by spring cleaning your entire place at once. The amount of stuff a human can pack into one room is quite shocking, which you’ll realize as soon as you open that closet door…

8. Invest in high-quality storage containers.

In her 60′s, my grandma finally bought a set of fabulous glass food-storage containers to replace her Tupperware. That simple act inspired me so much. Now, years later, she has nice-looking, quality, chemical-free containers of all different sizes to hold whatever she needs. Bonus: the chic red rubber lids always fit (unlike Tupperware–as you know, plastic containers tend to warp as they age).

If you’re at a time in your life where you can afford to invest in storage containers, do so! It’s so much more eco- and budget-friendly to have containers that will last you for years than to keep buying the same cheap, wonky bins at Target every time you need to store things. And I’m not just talking about replacing your Tupperware: get a nice laundry basket that will last, some sturdy bins for your winter clothes, and attractive baskets to hide power cords.

Are you feeling ready to clean? Do my grandma’s actions seem as inspiring to you as they do to me? Tune back this week for specific organizational ideas, like where exactly to put your car keys, and how to display your juicer.

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