Spicy, Creamy Vitamix Guacamole

Few ingredients are as indulgently healthy, as lusciously good for you, as the avocado. This fruit is packed with healthy fats (what a great oxymoron!) that benefit your entire body, from skin to hair to heart. It’s “unquestionably” anti-inflammatory, according to World’s Healthiest Foods, and supports cardiovascular health, helps regulate blood sugar, and seems to have some impressive anti-cancer properties. You can smash avocado on toast, you can add it to your green smoothie for an extra creamy texture, or you can blend it up with a little lime and salt to make one of the world’s most beloved dips.


  • 2 large avocados, soft but not squishy
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 1 small jalapeno pepper (mine, pictured above, was too big, and made the whole thing much too spicy)
  • handful of fresh cilantro
  • salt
  • pepper

To get the most nutritional zing from your avocados, peel them with your fingers, or use a spoon to scrape out all the dark green flesh right beneath the peel. That darker flesh is where most of the avocado’s antioxidants are hiding, so you don’t want to toss it.

Toss both avocados, the cilantro, and half the jalapeno into your Vitamix blender. Squeeze in half of the lemon and half of the lime. To avoid over-seasoning the guacamole, start simple, taste as you go, and add more flavors as needed.

Blend everything up until smooth. * Try a spoonful and adjust the taste as you see fit. Too bland? Throw in the rest of the jalapeño. And you’ll definitely want to crack in some salt and pepper. Personally, I like my guacamole really citrusy and zesty, so I added the other half of both the lime and the lemon.

Blend blend blend. Taste taste taste. When it’s to your liking, scrape out into a big bowl and serve with your favorite tortilla chips. If you don’t devour it in one sitting, pop it into the fridge–this guac keeps well, because of all the citrus–and serve it up next to your scrambled eggs the next morning, or spread on toast and top with sandwich fixings (cucumbers, sprouts, turkey, bacon, tomatoes, green onions, etc.)

Making guac in a Vitamix blender gives you a silky, smooth dip, but if you like your guacamole chunky, follow the instructions above, but mash everything together with a fork instead of blending it up. Or, keep half of an avocado out of the blender, and add it by hand at the end to give the dip a nice, varied texture.


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