Share The Gift Of The Vitamix

About a month ago, on a visit to my massage therapist and friend, I brought along one of my raw cacao drinks.  She had always shown interest in my lifestyle and wondered if she could actually do the “raw thing” and still make it through her busy day without being hungry.  I explained what was in it and how I made it.  She was open to trying it and I didn’t hear from her for a few days.  When I did hear from her, it was all good.  She couldn’t believe she wasn’t hungry at the end of the day and that she actually made it through her day!  She said, “I’m going to buy some staples for this lifestyle and I’m going to buy a Vitamix.  What do you suggest”?  Well……I’m more than happy with my Vitamix.  The warranty alone is reason enough to purchase this product.  But you have to buy the one with the dial.  And here’s the deal……always shut it off the opposite way you turned it on.  Or else, suffer the consequences of having to clean your ceiling, counter and floor.  Inevitably, you will turn on the machine with the lid off and the power on high.  And you will say….”Donna tried to tell me this.”

So we talked about which machine I like and it turned out her husband was a definite fan of the dial too and that is what they purchased.  The Vitamix can be used for almost everything under the sun.  Drinks, nut butters, nut milk, smoothies, bread, soup, milkshakes and ice cream.  Everyone in the family can find something that will make them happy and they can prepare their own.  My friend’s 4 year old is making her own smoothie every morning.  So easy to use and so easy to clean.  Fill the carafe with water and dish soap and put it back on the base and send it through another cycle and it’s clean.  It comes with a plunger and an unbreakable container.  Now I’ve never dropped the container myself… :) .  Just kidding.  Of course I’ve dropped it.  It’s even light enough to travel with.  I’ve taken it on trips to visit the family.  This way I can blend up something for them to try too.

The Vitamix can double as a food processor.  It will chop, grate and dice your veggies. Throw in veggies and water and make hot soup.  Let the blender run for about 4 minutes and the ingredients will actually heat up.  Make ice cream with frozen fruit and less time in the blender.  Smoothies in under one minute.  Your kids will love to make their own ice cream and fruit smoothies! You say you can’t afford expensive healthy baby food?  Throw in any cooked veggie or fresh fruit and make homemade apple sauce and vegetables that your baby will really love.  You can also grind your own flours and make fresh bread dough or fresh hot cereal.  So many recipes.  Try it for yourself.  I’d love to hear about some of your favorite things to make in your Vitamix.  Share…it’s nice to share.

Just last week I brought in a raw treat to my massage therapist.  She loved that too.  And her next client was someone that has enjoyed hearing about the living food lifestyle.  Now she could taste too.  Pass it on folks.  It’s how we all learn. 

This week I am sending you tastes of spring.  Fresh fruit juice (yesterday I made strawberry juice in my Vitamix), and ice cream.  Keep experimenting and share what you learn with anyone who will listen.

Donna Bergonzi-Boyle

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