Seasonal Skin: Benefits of Apples

Seasonal Skin: Benefits of ApplesThe humble apple may very well be fall’s favorite fruit. While you’re busy picking apples in idyllic Midwestern orchards, sampling the crunchy varieties at the farmer’s market, and sipping apple cider spiked with everything from cinnamon sticks to brandy, don’t forget that apples are good for more than just seasonal flare.

They’re actually full of powerful compounds that can have a great effect on your skin (in other words, they’ll help you achieve that apple-pickin’ glow when you’re not actually in the orchard). What’s more, your skin benefits both from chowing down on apple slices and laying those slices directly on your face. Looks like you can have your apple and eat it, too.


Apples are a great source of antioxidants; they’re packed full of powerful polyphenols (chemical substances that can act as antioxidants). As you may know, antioxidants attack harmful free radicals in the skin and are a must for preventing premature skin aging. When you chomp on those Granny Smiths, don’t skip the apple skins, as that’s where most of the polyphenols are located.

Blood Sugar Regulation

The fiber (pectin) in apples is great for reducing spikes in blood sugar, as high blood sugar is often linked to acne.  If you’re an acne sufferer, adding apples to your diet will help control your blood sugar, keeping those glycemic spikes (and acne flare-ups) under control.

Apple Masks

Unripe apples contain malic acid, an active ingredient in many chemical peels. Malic acid is a fruit acid, or an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which means it works as a gentle exfoliator to reveal smooth, glowing skin.

Got some extra apples lying around? Think of them as a mild DIY chemical peel. Cut an apple into very thin slices and lay the slices over your clean face for 10-20 minutes. For an acne-fighting mask, grate one apple into a bowl and add four to five tablespoons of honey until the mixture achieves a sticky, mask-like consistency. Spread over your face, lay back on a towel, and leave on for ten minutes.

Apple Pie

…has not yet been proven to improve skin texture and vanquish wrinkles. But we’re still hoping. For now, you’ll have to settle for it simple being delicious.

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  • Rinkesh

    Ironically I was eating a Rome apple and browsing HP when I saw this article. I had a foot injury years ago and put on about 30lbs and used to eat an apple before every meal. I lost it all because you don’t eat as much. I don’t eat 3 a day anymore as I try to switch it up but love the taste and benefits.

    • Andrew

      Great to hear. Awesome!!! Hope your foot is all healed up ;-)