Reunion Ready

It was while I was at a graduation this past weekend that I realized it – that time of year is upon us.


Time to reflect on years past, a world of difference from the innocent hopeful you once were, cheesing widely for your parent’s 300 photo ops in your cap and gown, to the older and (theoretically) wiser you in the mirror.

Is this year your 15th year reunion? Or your 30th? When was the last time you cracked open your dusty yearbooks?

Whether the changes you see in the mirror are for the better or worse, everyone wants to look their best while they reminisce about prom (were sleeves really that painfully puffy?), hairstyles (the sleeves were obviously meant to match the hair), music and fads that were cringe-worthy. Class reunions, NOT a form of a torture despite what you think, are really meant to be about fun and enjoying the past. Stop comparing yourself to how you want to be seen. Embrace who you are and focus on the good things about you.

And stop taking yourself so seriously. That Vanilla Ice haircut you sported looked great in your class picture.

If, when you look in the mirror, there are a few things you want to change for your reunion and maybe recommit to the New Year’s resolutions you’ve left in the dust after the first few months of 2011, here are a few suggestions:

Drink more water – There is nothing better for your skin than drinking 8  8 oz glasses of water a day. If that means less Coca Cola and other sugary liquid offerings, all the better.

Eat more whole foods – You are in luck. More and more farmer’s markets are opening up this time of year. Take advantage of them by putting your juicer or blender to good use. Processed foods do a number on the human body, the least of which making you age prematurely. Fight back with a host of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants offered in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Get off your duff – Even walking around your building at work several times a day can make a big difference. It gets your blood pumping, your heart rate up and keeps you more energetic. Ever heard, “An object at rest stays at rest”? Hold on to that the next time you think up an excuse to stay in your seat.

Get more sleep – Studies show a lack of proper rest triggers the hormones that make you hungry and slow down your metabolism. This means you reach for quick fixes such as donuts or sugar masquerading as an energy drink and your system burns the excess calories at a slower rate.

Stop stressing – Life is tough enough without adding worries to the mix. Stress can cause an increase in appetite for some (stress eating when you are so preoccupied you don’t realize you’ve just consumed three platefuls of spaghetti) or lack of sleep in others (racing mind that just won’t shut down). Or a nasty combination of both. Do yoga. Go for a run. Whatever helps you take your mind off your problems. Or simply lets your mind free to come to a solution instead of stewing endlessly.

Reunions can be terrifying for some and a blast for others. Either way, use this reunion season as a chance to renew your goals to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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